The technology evolution has led to innovation in the world of education. With numerous education companies like SV Academy with its tuition-free technology training especially curated for job seekers; Saga Education’s free tutors in public schools that are underserved; and EdNavigator’s educational counseling and planning to do their best to offer low – or no-cost assistance to teachers, students, and parents. This assistance comes in the form of planning, resources, and advice.

Considering the time when student debts have crossed $1.6 trillion with no solution visible, these education companies with the help of technology are trying their best to offer the best possible assistance to not only to students but also to the teachers and parents alike. And now without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the top education companies that have been innovating education through their efforts.

1. Teachable: Is the world education company that is commended for its efforts in letting anyone and everyone create their own master class. With the help of Teachable experts can share their knowledge in any subject through paid online video programs. Through this platform, experts can also set up digital storefronts and handle payments and other logistics.

2. SV Academy: By the efforts of SV Academy, about 1, 200 ignored job seekers found jobs in a high-tech sales force with no cost to them. The academy not only trains but also places job seekers into full-time technology sales roles, with a good average starting salary. The three-year-old venture helps more than 1,200 every year to get into the leading tech organizations.

3. Edvantic: A powerhouse in global education, Edvantic – a world education company – is on a mission to take high-quality education to all the corners of the world. The company is armed with a purpose to ensure everyone gets the basic education, skilling, and upskilling to compete and thrive in the 21st century. Edvantic offers education from K12 and higher education to professional education and beyond. Edvantic designs and delivers a huge array of education solutions and programs for both professionals and enterprises all over the world through the Edvantic ecosystem. The Edvantic ecosystem spans across industry verticals, institutions types, learning needs that create the most robust education network in the world.

4. Pearson: Pearson is lauded for its efforts as an education company that is innovating education. In 2020, Pearson had launched its first mobile AI calculus tutor – an app titled Aida. The app just doesn’t reveal the answers to the students, in fact, it teaches them – how a problem is solved and how one can understand the problems. The app offers targeted feedback and adapts to an individual’s needs.

5. Saga Education: is another education company that is being lauded for closing the achievement gap in mathematics. How? The students learned 2.5 years’ worth in a year through full-time tutors in public schools. The tutors from Saga work alongside teachers in the public schools in Chicago, D.C., and New York to help students with their ninth-grade algebra – a program wherein a failure implies no graduation from high school. The saga with its perfect blend of in-person and digital methods reduces the mathematics-program failures by about 63%.

While there are more education companies that are innovating education through their various tech efforts and low-cost programs, these were the top five that have been making waves in the world of education.