If you want to get your old high school body back, there are some fun ways to get back into shape. You might think that fitness isn’t fun, but you can try several different workouts and eating plans that are both enjoyable and productive. These health and fitness methods will help you get into shape while allowing you to have some fun in the process.


Play Kid Games

Being childish isn’t always a bad thing, and playing games that you enjoyed as a kid can help you get fit the fun way. If you have children of your own, playing backyard games with them like hopscotch, tag and capture the flag. A game of hide-and-go-seek is another great idea. You can also get a group of friends together to go laser tagging or paintballing.


Hit the Dance Floor

Dancing is one of the best ways to burn calories, tone muscles and increase stamina. You can start feeling like your old self again by taking some salsa, swing or ballroom dance lessons. Hip-hop and jazz are other dance genres that are known to be both exciting and invigorating. Simply going to a nightclub and dancing the night away in your own style will also be beneficial for your fitness.


Distract Yourself

There are ways that you can distract yourself while exercising so that you can work on getting fit without having to think too much about it. Some of the best ways to keep your mind occupied while exercising include reading and watching TV, which can easily be done during treadmill and stationary bike workouts. Having someone to talk to while exercising can also add more enjoyment to your fitness routine.


Go on an Active Vacation

By taking an active vacation, you’ll have the chance to get away and have some fun engaging in different fitness activities. You can visit a ski resort and go downhill skiing, cross-country skiing or snowboarding. A cycling excursion will allow you to fit in some intense cardio workouts and enjoy the open road. If you head to a tropical location, try scuba diving or snorkeling as a way to stay active. A hiking adventure may be just what you need to escape from reality, clear your mind and improve your fitness all at the same time.


Train for a Major Sporting Event

Major sporting events aren’t always just for professional athletes. Many big-city marathons and well-known triathlons welcome elite contenders as well as recreational athletes. When you train for one of these events, you’ll likely be reminded of the days when you participated in high school sports. Lists marathon and other types of training programs for all levels of athletes.


Try the Ketogenic Diet

Also known as the Keto Diet, this eating plan involves consuming foods that are low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats. This diet helps your body burn fat instead of carbohydrates, which is a great way to facilitate weight loss. Your body will also produce more of the energy molecules known as ketones to use as a fuel source. Common foods that you’ll eat with this diet include fish, vegetables and cheese. If you want your meals prepared for you, you can have keto meals delivered that include all the right foods.


Learn Self-Defense

Not only is self-defense good for protecting yourself against danger, it can help you get into shape in a more innovative way. Self-defense exercises are great for toning muscles, improving balance and enhancing overall body coordination. Karate, taekwondo and kickboxing include a variety of fighting techniques that can be used to ward off attackers. There are also self-defense classes that are intended specifically for women and seniors.


You can turn back the hands of time and recapture some of your old high school glory days by getting fit the fun way. By making your workouts enjoyable, you’ll likely be more inclined to stick with them for the long term.