Your cars are your inseparable partners, and we understand just how much you love them! Apart from providing the convenience of commuting, don’t they give you wings to fly on the roads with a good speed nestled in comfortable surroundings? But you get all these only if you have your car tuned properly, of course! But not all believe so! Did you know, some speed lovers adjust to the factory speed settings of their car just because they are tangled with the myths related to car tuning and can’t free themselves from those?

Well, we thought to clear the air today for all such car and speed lovers! But first let’s know why dyno tuning in Melbourne by QuickBitz is essential for your car! They provide a speedier and swifter solution for your vehicle by supplying the right level of fuel and air supply to the ignition. So, this means you can enjoy the speed of your car that you dream of, and even your four-wheeled buddy performs well.

Absurd Myths About Dyno Tuning Your Car That You Shouldn’t at All Believe!

Now when you know the amazing benefits of dyno tuning, don’t tell us that you are hesitating to go for the same just because your friend’s cousin told you something or you believe a few myths about it! It’s better to verify them immediately and start with tuning your car to make it a better vehicle to drive! So, we are Just providing some of the most common myths listed below to check before believing them!

  • Car Tuning Isn’t Good Because the Factory Didn’t Do It! — If you are under the claws of this myth, and believe that just because your car company hasn’t done this, it isn’t good for you, let us tell you something! Most of the car companies provide a standard solution that rationalizes investment and services in a right proportion that would cater to the mass at large — and not all love the speedier options that you are asking for! That’s why your car isn’t tuned already by the factory. But that obviously does not necessarily mean you can’t have it done either!
  • Tuning Shortens the Engine Life —You often believe that when you are dyno tuning your car, you’ll definitely get a better speed which ultimately leads to an early wear to the car engine’s components. Though it’s partially true, but if you are properly tuning your engine by experts, you can forget this issue entirely.
  • You Can Lose Your Car Warranty by Tuning — Many of us hesitate to go for car tuning as it’s said that you won’t be able to enjoy your warrantied solutions by the car company since it’s mostly done by private authorisers. But if you are approaching your car’s factory or service provider for the same, or a reputed brand that does the needful, you can even enjoy your car warranty along with the speed.
  • Tuning Increases Fuel Consumption — Worried about increasing fuel bills, are you? Well, actually though dyno tuning in your car provides you with more speed, it definitely doesn’t increase your fuel consumption. On the contrary, if the tuning is done perfectly with best quality camshafts and engine valves, the horsepower you get through it increases, thereby using lesser fuel.

Apart from these, most of us even think that car tuning isn’t legal — which of course is another exaggerated myth! Just be within your limits and abide by the rules, your tuned car will always benefit you, and you’ll soon know what a wise decision you made by going for it!