It’s surprising how many people overlook the importance of leg exercise and focus only on the torso and arms. Working the lower parts not only keeps your body in proportion, it also brings various other benefits. Hamstring and glute workout increases the level of testosterone in the body which spurs better overall growth. So, you should turn your attention to your forgotten muscles and shock them with some action.

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Back to work

Sitting on a job for a whole day is doing your back no favors. If you want to prevent the stress on your spine and avoid other health issues, it’s high time to introduce new exercises in your workout routine. Focus both on upper and lower back muscles to keep the correct posture and maintain the body in proportion.
The straight version of cable pullover is excellent for all major back muscles. Exercise involves pulling the bar from the shoulder level down to the thighs. After a short pause, you are to return slowly to the starting position. If you don’t have enough core strength, you might have trouble performing this one. That’s why a light weight is appropriate for all beginners.

A Kickback

Some people think that exercises like hip raise are more fitting for yoga classes than a gym, and they couldn’t be more wrong. The Flutter kicks, for example, is an exercise where you lie face down on a flat bench with hips on the edge. Lift one leg higher than the other alternately, and make sure you control the movements.

training workout fitness
The glute kickback exercise will ensure similar benefits for the muscles. You need to get into a kneeling push-up position and bend your knee so that you create a 90-degree angle. Contract the glutes and hold the contraction for a second in the upper position. Adding ankle weights is the next step for those who are more ambitious.

How about some ham?

Now, it’s time to hit your hamstrings hard and enhance your foundation. The leg curl is one of the basic movements to isolate the hamstring muscles. You can perform it while lying with your face to the floor or seated. There are machines for both versions, and an exercise ball can also be of help.
Another great exercise that targets hamstrings is a Romanian Deadlift. It’s excellent for strengthening hamstring, and you can use equipment such as dumbbells. Don’t forget to keep your back straight and the weight close to you. Doing the exercise the wrong way can be harmful, so avoid that at all costs.

This goes, in fact, for all exercises mentioned above. They differ in terms of needed equipment, level of effort, and time they consume, but they all have the overlooked muscles in the focus. Keep in mind also that a proper diet is crucial for the successful workout. You have many supplements on the market, but don’t expect miracles from them. Many don’t work as advertised, so choose trusted sources like Aminoz to hit the mark.

Don’t chicken out

You might be working hard in the gym, but it looks like your body could use a new power surge. Activate your muscles on all body parts and get serious. Bid farewell to chicken legs and back pain, and put on some serious mass. Without a solid and stable foundation, the monster biceps don’t make much sense. Hence, keeping the body in proportion is the best way to achieve prime fitness results.