Sometimes, going on an adventure is as much about the journey as it is the destination itself. Rather than simply taking the family car, there are a few ways to go that certainly help add to the element of adventure you’re after. While these methods of transportation are far from rare, they do provide a suitable, alternative way to get there. Here are three choices to consider for the ultimate adventurer.


Some of the most exciting and freedom-filled methods of travel can be found put to use all over our nation’s many waterways – watercraft. From large to small, from the speed-focused to leisurely drifters, there’s a boat for nearly every adventure or purpose. Jet skis provide a smaller, quick, more agile experience but lack much gear storage. Sailboats provide a unique, wind-driven experience while pontoons provide a more slow-paced approach that offers a relatively higher weight capacity. The list of watercraft types and their uses is long – a great benefit to the wayward adventurer in a wide range of applications.


ATV stands for all-terrain vehicle. For many adventurers, getting to and even living out the excitement is best done by such means. Most ATV’s have four wheels as well as a range of seating, cargo, and cool accessory options.

Before running out and just buying or renting the first ATV you see though, it helps to choose based on the specific requirements you will place on the ATV. If you just need a general, all-purpose ATV for moving through the wild, a utility ATV may be your best bet. If you would like a more quick, and sporty ride, consider a sport ATV. To move several people in one vehicle, consider a side-by-side or four-seater. Cammo coloring and other options can also lend greatly to those hunting and outdoor sporting itineraries.


Recreational Vehicles, or RV’s offer an often ideal adventurer transportation method and for good reason. This self-contained, all-in-one travel unit makes it so that any adventure can be taken on without concerns for basic housing or shelter necessities. As a result, so much more time and activity is made possible to the partaking adventure-goers.

When purchasing or renting an RV, the best experience also comes from choosing the most appropriate vehicle for your particular needs. A well-known source such as Fretz RV will have options available in the way of fifth-wheels and toy haulers for large-capacity living, pop-up campers for the experience that’s closer to nature, and even Class A,B, and C units. RV’s like these can be outfitted for nearly any tow arrangements and customizable options.

In the end, the nature of your adventure and transport desires will dictate what suits your transportation needs the best. These three methods of travel are some of the best for really getting into that adventure setting and even administering the excitement of the occasion. Look for ways to save on your adventure costs by getting creative with your transportation options. When the family car just won’t cut it, consider an option such as these for that upcoming, occasion of excitement.