There are unlimited numbers of Android mobile options available today. And the best part about all these phones is, they are all available online. So whatever you need to compare the phones, it can be done online, except for the comparison of the feel of the device. There are numerous mobile phones being launched one after the other, but few are the ones which leave an indelible mark. Vivo V5 Plus price in India is one of those few mobiles, which will leave a huge impact on you, once you begin using the device, or know more about the device.

There are a lot of qualities and features in this device which make it unique, and one of the best mobiles available in this range. Vivo V5 Price in India offers users with features that are similar to what you get in none other than the iPhone 7. One of the most distinguishing features of this device is the class and elegance it has retained in spite of all the duplicity. Vivo V5 Plus is a complete copy of iPhone 7, in all major aspects, still it gives users the kind of feel they would not have experienced before. The key components that set the phone apart are given below.

  • Dual Front Camera – Apart from the fact that this phone offers an amazing 20 MP front camera, it also offers an additional 8 MP camera, for capturing far off objects. This is similar to the ‘bokeh’ effect that is available in iPhone 7. Vivo V5 plus price in India has taken a lot from iPhone 7 but it has a class and style of its own, which will make you feel proud at owning the device. The rear camera of the device is of 16 MP with a LED flash, which is capable of providing premium quality images.
  • Fun touch OS – It is common for mobile manufacturing companies to tweak Android and create another operating system. Vivo V5 Plus in India has tweaked it to create a spitting image of iOS. And the best part about this operating system is that it performs equally well. There are no issues of lagging or hanging. This is should be your preferred device if you are looking to buy a new phone and desire something on the lines of iPhone, but much cheaper.
  • Built Quality – What is common for most of the cheap devices, attempting to replicate high end devices is poor built quality. This is something you will nowhere spot in Vivo V5 plus price in India. This phone although a replica of iPhone 7, has been made with great quality. It has a solid built, inside out. It is not one of those Chinese phones which only have good looks and poor performance. This is one of those phones which will very easily make you forget that you re- using Android. It is the device that has managed to come closest to iPhone 7.
  • Design – Although there is not much that Vivo V5 plus price in India offers in terms of design, it certainly looks appealing. The gold and white combination of the device is not common in many devices, and is offered by few. Many aspects of the design in the device are similar to iPhone, for example – the protruding camera lens, antenna bands, and more. It comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack, volume control buttons on the side, along with power button, thus having aspects of Android devices as well as an iPhone
  • The perfect Combination – Vivo V5 plus price in India is not too much if you closely look at the amount of feature it offers. This device can very well be described as the perfect combination of Android phones and iPhone. It maintains the balance between replicating and intelligently taking from a given device. There are a lot of features in the device that have been taken from iPhone, but they have been incorporated in a way that using them feels equally good and new. This is one of those very few devices which can compete with the finesse of an iPhone, by providing users the kind of experience that is akin to the world’s number one mobile phone.