Who doesn’t want VIP treatment during their whole venture? Especially when you become the guest of the heritage region on earth –Dubai. The city is not only brimmed with fascinating views but also keeps precious customs which inspire everyone. Take its traditional souks, giant skyscrapers, or globally exclusive natural resources. They have a tendency to captivate all. Desert safari Dubai is one of the majestic natural resources of the UAE that attract tourists from all over the world. Being the desert safari fan, we also went for a tour. Luckily we grabbed a fantastic itinerary by Happy Adventures Tourism LLC who carried us like the royals of Arabia.

Experience nomadic living through a modern aged eye in a private desert safari. You’ll cherish each and every moment from sightseeing to sand sports. Let’s take a verbal tour to the majestic golden dunes of Dubai and see what a private tour brings for you.

Why Should You Go For a Private Desert Safari in Dubai?

  1.   Pick and Drop in a Luxurious Vehicle

Firstly, you’ll get a private pick up in an off-road luxurious 4WD that will take you straight to the terrain from the city side. The licensed drivers are skilled in driving these vehicles who pick you up from your doorstep. We were picked up by the tour operators of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC and had a great time traveling to the desert safari. The 4x4s are super luxurious with air-conditioned and cozy seats that allow not more than six people to be seated. Moreover, these vehicles are equipped with safety kits to aid in any sort of mishap.

  1. Bash the Bumps in an SUV   

Usually, people are allowed to bash the dunes for around 15 minutes. But the VIP guests of the dunes are allowed for 30 to 40 minutes of dune bashing in an SUV of their choice. We also took immense pleasure under the supervision of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC tour guides. The sports arena of the desert is brimming with furious SUVs. These include a hummer, land cruiser, dune buggies, and wranglers. Bash the reddening dunes of Dubai like at dare-devil without any fear of falling. As the heavy-duty tires are maneuver in submerging sand sea by skilled professionals. If you love to experience a thrill you’d love this crazy sand activity. Remember, dune bashing is not for faint-hearted people, pregnant ladies, and hypertensive patients. Ignore your worries if you are not going through any of these and take incredible pleasure in this mind-boggling ride.

  1. Super Enthralling Sand Sports

 Surf the reddening sand dunes by trying to balance out on a sand board. The powdery sand ripples feel like ocean waves once you know how to balance over the cool wooden board. Take advantage of riding a camel and navigate it to the far limits of the desert. Camels are the royal rides of the Arabs. The heritage camel safari in the middle of dunes portrays how ancient Arabs used to cover distances.

Then there comes quad biking and fat bicycling. Quad bike is also a 4×4 terrain vehicle. It is ridden by one after getting a small training session. Fat bicycling is the terrain sports that dare-devils choose to play. Spread the powdery sand particles in the air by getting your hands on a fat bicycle and beat the speedsters. Quad biking time is also extended for 30 to 40 minutes in a private desert safari like that of dune bashing.

  1. Bedouin Themed Private Camps

The private luxurious camps depict the colorful tradition of the UAE. Take rest in the private Bedouin-style camps of your own. You’ll find a fully-fledged hotel-like luxury in these traditional themed camps. These include separate toilets for him and her, toiletries, Arabian rags, and beautifully embellished wooden planks. Our tour vendors of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC escorted us with VIP protocol to our air-conditioned camps with remarkable hospitality. These caravansaries are installed at the dunes so that the tourists could take true insights into this archaic region. The campsites are also very attention-grabbing to the travellers. Many of the themes find the campsites quite picturesque as they contrast greatly with the beige tone of the Arabian sand.

  1. Flavorful Temptations

Recharge yourself by consuming super refreshing drinks! There is free and unlimited access to mineral water, mocktails, soft drinks, and other chilling snacks. Not only that, there are plenty of snacks and dates served at your table along with tea and Arabian coffee. The welcoming hosts of the dunes serve youth tempting savory. The menu includes Arabian and famous international cuisines. There are appetizers, luscious desserts, and other veg and non-veg mouth-watering cuisines. Having a delightful meal under the hosting of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC doubled up the pleasure for us. A VIP table service in the middle of a nomadic land is a buoyant story to tell. 

  1. Arabian Art and Cultural Aspects

The campsites reflect vivid colors of the Arabian culture. There is henna art going on at these campsites that attract women and kids. You can attire yourself in the long white rob i.e. Kandura. You’ll see some stalls from where you can buy the Arabian scarf and dresses along with other props for your pictures. Falconry is also a heritage hunting sport of the Arabs. In this, the trained falcon birds show sweeping and luring actions in the sand upon orders of their masters. If you are at the dunes until after the sunset, consider yourself lucky. As there is a live depiction of art and the Arabian culture which amazes the crowd. Smolder shisha while seated in the Arabian majlis and enjoy listening to the folk Arabian stories narrated by the Bedouins. All these opportunities of getting inspired and gratified are offered nowhere else but on this land of nomads.

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There’s a lot more to explore at the golden dunes of Dubai than a read. Opt for a good expedition for a desert safari as we did by choosing Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. Visiting the terrain of Dubai in a private car, staying in a private desert camp, and having all the VIP amenities throughout the tour. All of this renders you carefree, light, and most of all super happy!