A vintage tour bus is a popular choice among tourists who like to go around the city in style while getting a glimpse of the old days.  It is unique, different, and fun riding in a restored and updated antique bus, you feel like you are riding in a float while joining a parade!

Vintage tour buses also offer different kinds of perks.  Some offer a delightful afternoon tea while touring around the city and some have tour guides imparting knowledge of the captivating history and geology of the places that you tour.  It is indeed a memorable experience that you can share with your friends and loved ones.


  • Just like all kinds of bus tours, the vintage tour bus has a schedule to follow, especially when hopping off and on the bus.  It has a pickup time and place and you have to be there on time not to miss it.  If you have booked the bus for a private tour, you may arrange with the bus driver for your schedule.
  • It is important for you to check the bus tour descriptions as the details vary from tour to tour.  For private bookings, arrangements are made prior to the tour as the price would also depend on the locations you wish to go to and the amount of time that you will be using the bus.
  • Prepare yourself that some areas might not be covered during the tour due to weather conditions and traffic.  Don’t worry; there is water and snacks on board.


  • Vintage buses are as cool on the outside as on the inside.  They are beautifully designed with high attention to detail to ensure that you get the best experience.
  • Mind you, vintage buses have very comfortable seats, with good sound systems, and AC and heaters, ensuring you have a very enjoyable and comfortable ride. It may not have its own restroom but fret not, hopping off at a tourist spot is part of the trip.


  • Make sure you have cash or credit cards with you in case you need to pay or purchase items that are not part of the tour.
  • Clothes that fit the weather. It also pays to check the weather beforehand so you can bring some raincoats, umbrellas, hats, etc.
  • Wear comfortable shoes especially if your tour involves nature tripping or lots of walking.
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera to take snapshots of this memorable trip.

Why is Vintage Bus a good business?

Aside from a Hop On Hop Off service, Vintage buses are often a great choice to rent for private affairs. It helps you transport your guests with comfort and ease.  Parking limitations of the venue are not a problem because guests won’t need to be bringing their own cars to the location.

Vintage buses also add a different flair on your special occasion, for example, a wedding.  Your unique vehicle brings unique memories.  It is a bold statement that will give a lasting impression on your guests.

If you plan on doing a profitable business such as tourist buses, then a Vintage Bus might be the answer.  Check out some used buses for sale and consider how well it suits you.

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