You probably heard about Cantilevered Stairs in many occasions. You have seen them as well or you may have one in your house. These staircases are sturdy and extremely fashionable. Cantilevered are also called floating stairs as well. Many of you are still not aware of the term or the construction of such unique staircases. If you are building your dream home and looking for elegant look, then cantilevered stairs can be the best option for you. 

What is Cantilevered Stair? 

Many people who have seen floating stairs might not be familiar with the term Cantilevered. The term cantilever is a specific type of beam that is attached with stairs at either of the ends. These beams help the stairs to be fixed with the bearing wall. In this unique staircase, each stair is attached to the wall at one end and steel rods at another. These are independent stairs that are none of them are attached to each other. This is the reason why it is also called floating stairs. Because each stair is independently anchored with the pillar wall, they look like floating on air. 

Cantilevered Stairs

Cantilevered Stairs

Types of Cantilevered Stairs: 

These floating stairs come with brackets, bolts, step and support plate in a single pack. The steps are being fixed with the bolts and brackets in the wall. The support plate is fixed to give it support so that it can bear weight. The other side of the stairs can be of various types. Sometimes they are made of glass or stainless steel rods or sometimes the designers leave it without railing. 

  • Wooden stairs: Cantilevered stairs comes in various types. Most common type is wooden. Wooden made stairs are easy to fix and last longer than other materials. As this material is common, you can see them in various places. In wooden stair structure, most of the time stainless steel rods are being used to anchor the other side of the stair. If you have kids at home then steel railing can be fixed for the sake of their safety.
Cantilevered Stairs

Cantilevered Stairs

  • Glass Stairs: Apart from wooden structure glass steps are more elegant. Many a people think that using glass material in stair can be harmful or risky. But it is just a myth. In Cantilevered glass staircase, steps are made of sturdy glass that can carry moderate weight of at least two adults. The fixing way of glass treads are like wooden ones.
  • Stainless Steel Stairs: If neither of glass or wooden suit your preference then steel made treads are there for you. Steel bodied steps can be used for floating stairs in your home. They are lighter in weight compared to glass or wooden structure. Consequently, this does not put much weight on the bearing wall or the other side of the stairs. Steel railings, glass covers or steel rods can go well with such stairs.
  • Stone steps: This is another material that is widely used in cantilevered stairs. Stone stairs are heavier than wooden, glass or steel. They are mostly used in gardens or lawn areas. If you want to come down to your law from the 1st floor of your duplex then you can always place these staircases. Stone steps are sturdier and do not always need railings on the side. However, for stone treads the pillar wall must be strong enough. 

Cantilevered stairs are stylish, no doubt on that. However, they are less sturdy compared to normal staircase. The problem with the floating stair is that they are independently anchored, unlike normal staircase where steps support each other. Here in this case each tread must carry its own weight.