Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is one of the 85 compounds found in the hemp plant. When most people think about hemp (aka marijuana) they instantly think about a drug and the high you get from THC. This is a common misconception and something that more people are beginning to understand is not the case with hemp. The hemp plant has a lot more to offer than just the compound known as THC. Yes, THC is the most commonly found compound in the hemp plant and it does share some characteristics with the other compounds but there are big differences between them as well. CBD is the second most found compound in hemp and can account for up to 40% of the total compounds found in a hemp plant.

The biggest difference between CBD and THC is that there are no psychoactive effects of CBD. This means that no matter how much you consume, CBD will not get you high or alter your state of mind. CBD and THC share a few characteristics but are created by different paths within the hemp plant and are extracted through a different process. CBD is legal in most places across the globe and is said to be safe to consume in high volumes and concentration levels. CBD contains all the same health benefits of THC making it a highly sought after substance in the alternative health field.

Organic CBD Oil Vs Chemical Additive CBD Oil

Cannabinoids are a natural compound found in hemp and as such do not require any extra chemical compounds added to it. One reason a supplier may wish to add extra chemical compounds to a natural substance is to increase the longevity (shelf life) of the product or extracted oils. If you are looking to give CBD a try to see if it can help with something that you may be struggling with then it is a good idea to use a 100% organic product over the alternative.

What Does CBD Oil Help With?

Studies have been conducted that help to show that many medical benefits of hemp that are attributed to THC are actually a result of the CBD content of the hemp plant. CBD vape juice has strong anti-inflammatory properties that not only suppress inflammation but also help the body to reject in the process of making the chemical that causes inflammation. Cannabidiol has also been found to have anti-compulsive properties in it that can reduce the seizure threshold for a number of patients.

One of the biggest reasons people are beginning to give CBD products a try is for stress and anxiety related conditions. CBD has a relaxing calming effect that can help ease one’s body and state of mind. If you have a stressful job or suffer from social anxiety, you may want to give CBD a try to see if it’s something that works for you.

Getting CBD Oil to Try

CBD vape juiceIf you think CBD is worth a try for either yourself or someone you know, then its as easy as going to a local dispensary or ordering a trusted CBD product online. Local dispensaries are just starting to put CBD products on their shelves to meet the growing demand this new mainstream hemp product. If going down to a cannabis dispensary is not something that interests you are you are tight for time, an easy way to order your CBD is from a trusted online source.

One of the best methods to intake your CBD oil is by using a portable vaporizer. A company called Vape Bright has created a 100% pure organic CBD oil vaporizer that comes pre-filled with CBD oil cartridges. We have chosen this company to share with you because of the large volume of positive reviews they have received and the helpful q&a section that answers many questions regarding CBD oil on their website. You can read more and purchase your CBD oil and starter kit here – Vape Bright Thrive Pre-Filled CBD Vaporizer Review.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article on Cannabidiol (CBD). We hope that you found this topic interesting and of use.