While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the country, there is plenty of evidence that coming months will bring us closer to normalcy. The majority of the population should receive a COVID-19 vaccine this year, and once this happens we should reach herd immunity. With the pandemic successfully defeated, we’ll manage to get back to our previous way of life. If your family enjoys traveling, then you’re probably especially excited by the possibility of once again hitting the road. Here are the types of vacations you should consider for post-pandemic travel.

A Cruise

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of activities and leisure, then you can’t go wrong with a cruise. Most ships are equipped with all sorts of amenities, from gyms to swimming pools. You’ll also have plenty of entertainment options to choose from, with concerts and shows scheduled every day. As much fun as you’ll have on deck, you might enjoy your time at the various destinations even more. From hiking to horseback riding, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for excursions during the journey. This can be an especially good option if you are planning a vacation for a wide range of ages. If this is a family vacation, it will appeal to every member and provide everyone with options for entertainment and food. 

A Stay at a Coastal Resort

There’s nothing as relaxing as spending a week on the beach. While beach resorts are often associated with lazing around in the sand, most destinations provide plenty of activities for more adventurous travelers. From surfing to parasailing, the ocean provides lots of opportunities for getting wet and wild.

A Stay at a Resort in the Mountains

If you prefer a fresh mountain breeze to the salty sea air, then consider heading to a resort in a mountainous area. The mountains themselves will allow you to hike, bird watch, and look for animals. You could also stay at a resort with entertainment options like concerts and shows. You can also find a large log cabin vacation rental for you and your spouse or family. If you want a vacation to get away from your day-to-day life, this would be the perfect solution. 

A Classic American Road Trip

If you’re a lover of the open road, then you should consider plotting a lengthy trip that crosses state lines. The US is certainly a beautiful country, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than with the windows down and the car in drive. By stopping at pristine nature reserves, fascinating museums, and thrilling amusement parks along the way, you’re sure to keep yourself entertained throughout the journey. Rent an RV or large van to make the trip more comfortable. 

This pandemic has been tragic and long, but at least it’s given us all plenty of time to make post-COVID-19 plans. If you want to really enjoy your first true vacation in months, consider one of the trips described here. Be prepared for your vacation once it’s safe to travel again. You’re sure to need some entertainment and relaxation after experiencing lockdowns and quarantines.