Classrooms need to be both attractive and practical to engage students while keeping the learning area in order. Innovative and dynamic storage furniture pieces are becoming more popular as they enable teachers to make the most of their available space.

Classroom furniture can be used to create fun reading nooks or to separate spaces for group play / leaning discussions, the possibilities are almost endless. The freedom to make new exciting areas is one of the main benefits of mobile furniture and product designers are becoming more aware of the need for dynamic areas within an educational setting which has resulted in innovating product ranges as well as stand alone pieces.

The following areas are what we here at Edusentials feel are the building blocks for creating a dynamic learning environment.

  • Classroom Tables and Chairs Tables and chairs are a staple in all classroom settings but the type you choose could have a great impact on the quality of learning achieved by your students. For example, if your chairs are too high for children to comfortably root their feet on the ground they are more likely to be unfocused and distracted by swinging legs. It has also been proven that many children with additional needs are unable to concentrate at all unless they have both feet firmly on the ground.  It is expected that children are provided a safe comfortable place to learn and choosing appropriate furniture is key to attaining this.
  • Cloakroom Furniture Appropriate furniture is not only expected in the classroom but should be utilised throughout the entire school.  Usually with more than just one classrooms worth of bags and coats to store, cloakroom storage needs to be dynamic and compact. Many schools opt for traditional double coat and bag hooks in runs across the wall at a child friendly height to encourage children to hang and retrieve their belongings independently. Other schools take advantage of overhead storage and boot racks to provide extra storage. Welly Racks are ideal for keeping your school tidy especially during the Autumn and Winter months. Lunchbox Trolleys are also essential piece of equipment for any busy learning environment.  With both single-sided and double-sided designs available there is something available for all needs.
  • Computer Furniture As technology develops so does its presence in the classroom with teachers using everything from Smart Boards to iPads to enrich their students learning experience. The need for computer furniture is increasing and manufacturers are providing ranges suitable for all ages and abilities. It’s not only computer desks and chairs that are needed, mobile lockable cabinets are used to store laptops and tablets when they are not in use and to transport technology throughout the school safely.
  • Classroom Carpets A vibrant classroom carpet can transform a dull unutilised floor area into a fun engaging learning area. Placement carpets are an especially effective teaching aid with younger learners as they really enjoy and are calmed by having their ‘own spot’ and not having to be anxious about other learners encroaching their space. Themed carpets are perfect for fostering learning discussions about topics.
  • Reading Corner Equipment Children love to feel independent and are more likely to learn in a relaxed low-pressure environment. Reading corners are great for providing an area for your students to unwind and read away from the rest of the busy classroom. With an array of styles from soft cosy seating to more structured seating benches that double as book storage there really is something available for every classroom. A reading corner can help a child develop their reading, concentration and comprehension skills as well as providing an area for small group teaching. Many teachers have been known to use time in the reading corner as a reward for their students.  What a great way to encourage children to engage with reading!
  • Attractive displays Having a child’s work on display in their classroom or cloakroom is a great confidence boost as well as a way to continually reinforce learning of the topic. Bright bold colours are the most effective way to attract your student’s attention. Some student will benefit more than others, especially the ‘visual learners’ in your group.
  • Arts and Crafts Equipment While traditional structured learning is still valued in the classroom, a more active, creative approach is being embraced, showing that there are many ways in which children can thrive and learn. Fostering a childs artistic imagination will aid in developing their sense of self as well as their ability to express their feelings. Double-sided easels are perfect for group artistic activities in classrooms while outdoor fence easels help bridge classroom learning and nature; teach a child about the life cycle of a tree while they are free to paint one.

Classroom furniture and equipment is a practical base on which teachers build on to ensure a healthy inviting learning environment for their students to thrive.