Nothing should stop you from exploring the world. Life is too short and the world too vast. The hidden wonders, cultures, landscapes and languages — there is just so much to learn and see. Why waste time waiting for an opportunity to arise, or a friend to accompany you? There will always be one thing or the other stopping you. Follow the “just do it” rule and head out alone without pondering over it too much. Trust me, it is the most liberating experience. Yes, there will be many raised eyebrows and discouragements as woman solo traveling used to be a taboo not long ago. But it is becoming a lot more common now. This is definitely a good thing as it has enabled solo travel experts to give a clearer idea of what to expect and the tips to follow for those who are still hesitant. Below are some useful tips that the independent traveler  should keep in mind!

Safety measures

First let’s get one thing straight. Safety measures are important whether you are traveling alone or with a companion. So do not for one second assume that since you are going alone, the danger level is higher for you.

Conning is common all over the world and usually tourists are the main target. When traveling alone, try to avoid contact with people trying to sell things or claiming something odd. You must mind your own business and ignore all approaches by people that seem even the least bit fishy. Follow your heart’s intuition. Mostly it is right.

It goes without saying that you must avoid roaming around late at night in a foreign city. Yes you can enjoy outside till the streets are brightly lit and the hustle bustle continues but not any later than that.

Talk to someone back home every now and then so that if God forbid something happens, they notice your prolonged absence.

Get  a local sim

Local sim, solo traveller

Get a local mobile sim as soon as you arrive at the destination. It is also recommended that you get an internet package activated immediately. This way you won’t be completely cut off. Remember to feed the local police station’s number so that in case of emergency you can seek help.

Keep all travel documents safe

Keep your passport and other travel documents in the hotel room’s locker and only carry the photocopies. A passport’s copy comes in handy in case you need to prove your identity somewhere.

Interact with the locals and fellow tourists.

Once you are in a new city, the more you interact with the locals, the more you will learn about their culture and the more will you enjoy. It is always a good idea to make new friends when you are alone. But of course you must exercise caution as well. Don’t just agree to go to someone’s house after a few minutes of talking.

Dining ideas

Since dining out alone may be awkward for first timers so to make the experience easier, choose a seat at the bar or get a completely separate booth.