Read some handy tips and tricks to help you make your home a true haven to enjoy during your pregnancy.

Being pregnant is amazing, and soon enough you will be welcoming your new bundle of joy into the world, and into your home. With the focus in the home being on the babies nursery you might find that in the meantime, the home isn’t as comfy as you might like and if there is anything you need when you’re pregnant, it is comfort. It can be a challenging time, even though it is so special and it really is important to have a home you can truly relax in as baby grows.

Self storage might not be the first thing you think about when you think about making your home comfortable during your pregnancy, but it can actually be extremely helpful, and prices are really reasonable. Here are several ways self storage can help you make your home into a pregnancy haven:

A Place To Store Babies new Things

Babies new things are lovely but they may overrun a home you’re still trying to enjoy just the two of you. Store babies new things in a self storage unit so that you still have your entire home to be comfortable in during the pregnancy.

A Place For Your Spare Room Contents

Spare rooms often become babies nursery but, the entire contents of a room might not be that easy to place quickly. Self storage can hold your spare room contents until such a time that you are able to sell or sort through the contents, which is much better than cluttering your home with the items.

A Place For Items That Don’t Work For You Right Now

Your snowboarding equipment, uncomfortable chairs and garden furniture and other items that simply don’t work for you right now can be stored in cheap self storage. There is no need to have to put up with items you don’t use or don’t want to use. You deserve to be comfy and there is nothing wrong with switching your home up a bit for a comfier pregnancy.

A Place To Store Your Weekend Vehicle

It may be that you have had to get a practical car for your new arrival. The problem is, if you do keep your sportier car as a weekend/ hobby car then you might not have the drive space. Self storage can be an option for car storage, although not all units offer it so do ask when you call to enquire. By clearing drive space you can move around easier, getting used to your new family vehicle in your own time.

Garden Clearance

Being at home becomes more and more important the more pregnant you get because moving around alot becomes harder and more uncomfortable. The garden becomes a really important space to walk around, sit in and generally find some outdoor peace in nature where there’s no need to leave the home. Garden clearance, moving garden furniture or other non-organic debris can be a great way to make a lovely outdoor space for you and your bump without having to deal with a pile of rubbish and clutter as a consequence.

Remember, your home really is your haven when you are pregnant and you absolutely can put your needs first when it comes to making your nest the way you want it. Cheap self storage ( is a great option, you can see their website here) won’t paint the spare room, it won’t ease your fluid retention or your backache. But it can make it that little bit easier to make a nice home for your pregnancy and growing family at a time when there are many challenges that can’t necessarily be worked around.

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