Smartphones have come a long way. Back those days, we felt great when using the gadgets with tiny screens and snail-paced internet. We thought the world has seen the peak of technological advancement. But wait, after a series of rapid technological evolutions, we have seen smartphone enriched with great, cool features. People are increasingly becoming addicted to smartphones due to their usefulness.

Are you aware that today’s smartphone is equivalent to a TV? Do you use your smartphone the same way you would use a laptop?

People love the idea of convenience that comes with smartphones. You don’t have to leave your house to do shopping or even play slots online, and this shows a small device can hold someone’s entire world. What do you think of those who make money betting on sports? What about those who use smartphones to record life happenings? Well, we are only left wondering where the future smartphone becomes.

This takes us to what smartphone manufacturers are likely to bring us shortly. Here is a roundup of the upcoming smartphones that dominate the 2020 market.

1. iPhone 2020:

iPhone 2020

Among the future upcoming phones is iPhone. With 15 different iPhone models, don’t think that Apple has stopped innovating. On a keener look, you will realize that all of Apple’s products come with a new evolution.

Industrial Design:

The iPhone 2020 has an all-glass reinforced body with carbon fiber. The screen will have an aspect ratio of 18:9, with tall shape but shorter than the current iPhones. It is inevitable to have a fingerprint sensor positioned under the display.

Also, the iPhone 2020 will not have an actual button except the power button. The rest of the buttons including the home button will only exist onscreen. Also, your volume buttons are no more mechanical but with only vibrations thanks to Apple’s Tap-tic Engine.

Internal changes:

Most probably, the most dominant internal changes in iPhone 2020 will have to do with components size–smaller logic board which leads to a larger battery, bigger Tap-tic Engine, and larger speakers.


The company has been upping the camera resolution. Currently, iPhone has dual sixteen-megapixel cameras which could potentially go up to twenty megapixels in 2020. This means the image quality will be greatly improved.

Future prices:

AlthoughApple is expected to try to stabilize its prices, this is more achievable in the US than UK. Reason being, Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union in 2019, which may lead to political uncertainty and eventually loss of confidence in the pound. This will automatically escalate the prices for the imported goods into the UK.

2. Samsung Flex 2020:

Samsung Flex

Let’s dive into Samsung. According to hearsays, their new phone would be the Samsung Flex 2020.

Let’s explore its features:

Samsung Flex Phone Display:

The phone is expected to come with a 6.5-inch QHD flexible display which makes greatly improves its portability. Also, the Samsung flex 2020 will feature an in-display fingerprint scanner fixed in the phone’s display.


This flex phone will be powered by Exynos 10 Series processor combined with 8GB of RAM and 128GB/256GB/512GB of ROM.


The flex 2020 will host a 23MP + 16MP dual primary camera, slow motion video of 960fps and a variable aperture of f1.5/2.4.


The smartphone will have a 3300mAh advanced multi Poly-battery, made of the little flexible power cell.


It is expected that the cost of the flex 2020 will not be anything more than $2000. This will be among the world’s most expensive smartphones.

3. Nokia Lumia 2020:

Nokia Lumia

Then there is Nokia Lumia. The current Nokia Lumia is mostly used as a tablet, where some use it for fun or workstation. The Nokia Lumia 2020 tablet is about an 8.0 inches touchscreen display and is fast to open the apps and games.


Lumia 2020 has an 8″ full HD IPS LCD touch screen, 1080×1920 screen resolution. Certainly, the Lumia 2020 will likely look like it’s older sibling – the Lumia 2520.


Nokia Lumia 2020 will probably feature 6.7 MP camera with Zeis lens, similar to Nokia Lumia 2520. The camera will record full HD videos @ 30 FPS. Possibly, the phone will come with a 2 MP front camera for video calling.

Storage and Battery:

Although not confirmed yet, the device will not miss a battery capacity of around 7000-8000 mAh. It is alleged that the phone will host internal storage of about 32GB.

4. Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5

It has been confirmed that Google is about to unveil its Pixel 4 series smartphones this year. While Google gives no signals of stopping its innovation next year may carry us by surprise as we witness lots of new devices, including Google Pixel 5. You know that Android is owned by Google, so you can expect some of the exclusive out of the box features for this device.

Among the future speculations is that as much as Google’s devices are optimized, you may never see more RAM or battery size. The specs of the device may look low but it will work better than any other high-end smartphone, trust me.

While the info about this device is scary, we are expectant of a foldable device next year, that’s Google pixel 5.