From the beginning age has always been a sore spot. When one is young, they always can’t wait for their next birthday but as one grows older then birthdays are like the doomsday .age was an issue associated with women but with the rise of metrosexual era men are also joining the search for anti-wrinkle remedies and embracing diets that will slow down the aging process. Over the years most women turned to chemical processes like Botox in order to keep looking younger with new diseases like cancer and lots of botched faces women all over have turned to healthier ways of staying young. Fruits are not just part of the healthy diet they also rejuvenate the skin and help keep away wrinkles. However this has caused problems among them because some treatments have led to cancer and other skin diseases. Fruits are the most ignored parts of our diets. Nature however always has a way of healing and replenishing humans even though most of us ignore it.

The Banana

The banana is a fruit that was originally one of the first fruits known to man .most people ignore this humble fruit which unknowingly is the key to slowing down the aging process and keeping wrinkles completely away. The banana according to some of the top dermatologists of the world is the world’s natural Botox. It contains various vitamins and minerals which are vital to the skin. It is important for skin to be kept moisturized. Potassium is a useful mineral which keeps the skin hydrated this mineral is found in the banana. If the skin is kept hydrated and moisturized then it has that glowing shine that keeps it looking young.

In this modern day and age stress is part of us literally; stress is one of the leading factors in causing wrinkles on the skin. The banana contains vitamin B protects the skin from free radicals that cause the oxidative process which leads to development of wrinkles. Most people have undergone that phase in life were because of adolescence or acne the skin is full of dark spots that won’t go away no matter how many creams one uses. This dark spots in many cases are not only unattractive but cause one to look older than they real are because the skin is all dry and withered. The banana contains vitamin A which helps in healing out dry skin and fading of dark spots it also works in slowing the aging process by smoothing skin lectin and zinc are however  minerals  that are able to prevent pimples and acne from appearing on the skin, this mineral are also in a banana.

The oil levels on the skin are important, the skin is classified as oily or non-oily, collagen is required to regulate the amount of oil that is secreted by the skin it also fights of the free radicals responsible for wrinkles on the skin, the banana contains vitamin c which is responsible for the production of collagen. This vitamin is also found on the inside of the banana peel. With global warming and the presence of UV rays the skin is the most affected part of the body. The banana also contains Vitamin E is responsible for slowing effect of UV rays on the skin and also  fighting free radicals that cause damage to the skin. What however makes the banana amazing is that it contains amino acids which are responsible for strengthening the connective tissue and in so doing helping in maintaining skin elasticity and strength. The banana peel when also applied on the face kills are harmful bacteria protecting the skin from any inflammations, including dark circles under eyes that make the skin sag and also cause lines on the face which over time become face wrinkles, and this is because it contains potassium which counteracts the effects of sodium on the skin.

The best thing about bananas is that one does not have to buy expensive overpriced creams in shops   in order to enjoy its abilities. Some homemade banana anti-wrinkle creams include, adding banana to oatmeal and coconut milk in order to exfoliate skin and make it look brighter after exfoliating dead skin cells and when added to honey they make dry skin moisturized  .most beauty companies have realized its usefulness and integrated it into their products.


Over the years people have spent a lot of money getting plastic surgery or undergoing painful Botox injections, overtime this were out and in most cases the users are left looking like plastic dolls or getting stuck with a permanent expression on their faces because something went wrong. If people integrated bananas into their meals and made an effort to eat them from an early age then aging would no longer be a problem. It’s time that we accepted nature’s gifts and put them into good use.