Your style is based on merging timeless clothing and up-to-the-minute fashion plus your distinctive personality. It results in spectacular outfits that look wonderful and afford you the comfort to run the full range of your daily activities.


Looking Cool, Feeling Warm, Making the Most of Winter Weather

Every season brings its own challenges. With the upcoming cooler weather, try layering pieces that you already own and love and hot new items. The advantages of this are that you can go shopping in your own closet, you can customize your comfort level according to the environment by adding or removing a layer, and wearing layers traps air between each garment and the effect of layers is warmer than one single bulky piece. It allows you the fun of mixing and matching to your heart’s content. To complete the winter weather vibe, add scarves, gloves, mittens, tights, leggings, hats, caps, boots, shawls, and the winter coat that comes between you and the elements and you’re good to go.


That’s So Hot

When everyone else is wearing jeans in the fall and winter, wear a dress to stand out from the crowd. Team it with leggings or tights or high boots for warmth, texture, and color. Pick up this trick and make it your own. For fun with coordinated dressing with a favorite little girl, trying wearing similar dresses on the same day! One example of a spectacular dress for girls is the Adeline dress, a completely comfortable swing dress in vibrant colors created by the clothing company that is synonymous with fun, contemporary, comfortable clothing, LuLaRoe.


Another idea for girls of all ages: try wearing leggings with a concert T-shirt that brings back memories of the warmth of summer and a slim fitting long cardigan, a dramatic scarf, and high boots.


Naturally Fun Stylings

Try to find beautifully constructed pieces of natural fabrics that flow and move with you. This is very helpful when layering. It helps keep you from overheating and allows for a range of motion and ease of movement that is the cornerstone of comfortable dressing.


In winter it seems that subdued tones are the mood of the moment. LipSense Lipstick is a fun accessories that I love to use all their colors and match them with my outfits.These classic colors are wonderful to wear in mono-tone themed ensembles and create a sleek and seamless presentation. From navy to pewter to black and earth tones, there is something comforting about simple, sedate, calming blocks of color. But let us think beyond the usual fall and winter palette. An outfit of winter white can be striking. An ensemble of pretty pastels can lift your spirits and perk up those who have the pleasure of viewing you and your children. Try jewel tones to be the center of attention.


It All Adds Up

When going out and about with family, especially for the holidays, consider if not matching outfits and ensembles that share a common spirit, whether based on silhouette, key pieces, colors, or accessories.


Layering is a great way to create unique, one of a kind outfits, but keep in mind proportions and the architecture of the human form. In short, consider using an exquisite leather belt to cinch in a waist draped with multiple sweaters. Wrap a shawl around the shoulders of a favorite blouse with a statement neckline. Consider boot length and heel height and how they interact with the pants/skirt/dress that you are teaming them with.


As the cooler winds blow, now is a fine time to consider the art of fabric draping. Play with pushing up the sleeves of your favorite sweater. Roll the bottom of a beloved pair of jeans to show off fun socks or fabulous boots. Unbutton a blouse to highlight the silken cut of a sensational camisole. Slip pants under a dress to create a new silhouette. The idea of fashion during this season is to keep toasty and have fun!