Homes range in style across the country, from the New England Cape Cod to the mid-west ranch and the suburban bungalow. Many people view their homes, including the exterior, as extensions of their personalities. The decisions you make about the exterior of your home can increase curb appeal, giving your home distinguishing character and raising the resale value.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Adding exterior lighting can bring a new dimension to a home. The presence of outdoor lighting is inviting, especially at night, where a soft glow welcomes visitors. The true potential for expressing personality though, is in the light fixtures. An elegant lamppost can be both functional and tasteful, making an impactful first impression. A hanging lantern adds depth to a house and can reflect its overall style. There are plenty of different styles of each type of lighting fixture so you can choose which one appeals most to your specific style. Lighting can completely set the mood for your home and will help create the look you want.

Update the Driveway

Most driveways are black asphalt rectangles, which at their best, go unnoticed. However, a driveway can be an effective way to show your home’s personality. Think about taking a step beyond the typical driveway and make this feature an aesthetic aspect of your home. Beautiful driveways can be created from bricks, stones, stained concrete, pebbles, or even crushed shells. You can even use concrete that is stamped or colored.

Replace the Doors

A door may seem a small part of the facade of a house, but it can have a large impact on a home’s character. Try a unique color or a door with large panes of glass, to make it stand out. An ornately designed door can also be eye-catching. You can even paint a regular door to give it a little more interest and personality. It’s an easy way to make your home stand out among the others in your neighborhood. To express your home’s character even further, replace boring garage doors with an appealing custom made garage door. Companies such as Raynor Door Company will work with you to create a unique garage door to match the style of your house.

Display Window Boxes and Planters

Window boxes are a colorful way to add personality to your home. They can even be used year round, and tailored with holiday decor. When adding window boxes, it’s best to match the boxes to the style of your home, and paint or stain them to match. Flower planters also offer a way to show the personality of your home. You can then pick out flowers that specifically appeal to you and your style. You can easily switch up the flowers or plants each season to match the look you are going for. The wide array of options brings an opportunity to be creative.

With some smart decisions, exterior enhancements can truly add character to a home. You can make your home completely yours by incorporating your personality in each detail in both the interior and exterior design. Improved curb appeal will not only be pleasant to come home to, but can also raise the value of your home.