Between bridal magazines and websites, and not to mention, Pinterest, theres no shortage of wedding decor inspiration.

Although inspiration isnt hard to find, sometimes its difficult to collect unique decor ideas that are actually realistic given your venue space and budget.

The ones weve listed below are some of our favorites that weve seen in real life, not just obscure pictures on the internet. Theyre realistic, but more than anything, theyll give your reception the unique flair everyone wants to achieve.


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Share Your Story Through Photos

Its become a trend to display an engagement photo at your reception to act as a guest book or a simple piece of decor, but your whole story could serve as a beautiful piece of larger decor with a photo collage.

Find photos from the start of your relationship and some of the most special memories you and your groom hold, and then have canvas prints created from them to hang around the reception hall. Or some go to the trouble of finding a photo with each guest and having that printed and placed as their placeholder on the table.

Not only will you have decor you can use in your new home as husband and wife, this decor idea is perfect for brides that want a personal touch, but dont want any DIY-looking decorations.

We love the idea of hanging these photos that tell your story in the main entrance to the reception or in a seating lounge where guests can take a break from dancing.

Let Your Sweetheart Table Go Over-the-Top

Depending on the size of your wedding, it may take a lot of materials to decorate every table lavishly.

Rather than going all out on the ten plus tables your guests will be sitting at, keep the decor for those tables moderate and then make your sweetheart table a main focal point by adding more decor.

Whether it be a floral table runner or a Mr. and Mrs. sign in lights, let your table be the star of the reception venue.

Go for Unique Centerpieces

Flowers are beautiful, but they can quickly drive up the cost of your wedding decor.

One idea we love is using an item that expresses an interest of both you and your groom. For example, say you both love reading, use a stack of vintage books with a few candles and a small bud vase with a few flowers to create a beautiful and unique centerpiece thats true to you.

Another idea for couples who love the beach or are going for a coastal theme is filling vases with seashells rather than flowers. Weve seen this done before with accents of driftwood functioning as place cards and it was beyond gorgeous.

Make Escort Cards Fun and Functional

Creating a seating chart is by far one of the most painstaking parts of wedding planning.

Because its one of the last tasks on the wedding checklist, and one of the least favorite to get done, its easy to lose your creative steam when it comes down to actually creating the chart that will be displayed at your reception.

Combining your task of seating cards and favors is not only an ingenious way to kill two birds with one stone, we guarantee people will be commenting on how pretty your seating cards were.

Try tying name tags to mini bottles of champagne as a fun way to get the party started, or attaching name cards around mini-boxes of gourmet chocolates to save yourself an entire table devoted to favors.

Use Lighting to Add Drama

Your new monogram shining on the dance floor or a million stars cast on to the ceiling, its all possible with lighting.

Not only is lighting the perfect way to add extra dimension and drama as the cherry on top of your reception decor, it also wont take up any extra space in your reception venue.

And think about it, all of the most glamorous Hollywood affairs have beautiful lighting, and your reception is one of the grandest affairs of your life, so go big.