Game of thrones is a big hype among the youth nowadays. With its great storyline, suspense, great actors and yeah the iron throne and dragons for sure it is definitely a big  thing among the young generation. We all have friends who are a great fan of this amazing show. So do you have a such friend or partner whose birthday is coming or you are planning on gifting him, so here a few quick Unique ideas for gifting a fan of GOT.

If you’ve ever done the unpardonable i.e forget your loved one’s birthday, you need to make up in a big way, by getting them something phenomenal which will get you the forgiveness you seek and clear all your debts (ahem Lannister reference). If you haven’t been a horrible person, then get your goofy loved ones (also die-hard GOT fans) these beautiful, personalised Game of Thrones gifts and watch their faces light up. Anyway, you’ll earn the reputation of being the-magi-who-bears-kickass-gifts and get invited everywhere.

There are hundreds of more gifting options that you can look through on online gifting stores and choose the correct gift for any occasion you want to. They have an inventory so huge that you’d never be disappointed and would love to look through. Be it an anniversary, or someone’s birthday, these online gift stores got you covered so make sure you check them out.

  1. Hand of the king brooch- This brooch for sure is going to make your friend go crazy and why not. Every got fan knows the value of being the hand of the king and yeah the legendary Ned Stark wore him himself and yes the clever Tyrian Lannister too. So yes this brooch has got a pretty royal lineage. So ahead and make your friend a part of this lineage too. These Game of Thrones swords look like the real thing, but they’re not. They are great for dressing up as your favorite character, doing some cosplay or live action role playing, or just keeping around the house so it looks like you keep swords around just in case.
  2. Game of thrones music box- Every fan goes crazy while he listens to the epic theme song this popular tv show. So go ahead and gift your fan boy or fan girl this cool music box which plays this epic song which has taken over this generation like anything.
  3. Iron Throne-  The one who sits on this Iron throne rules the seven kingdoms. This is the most prized possession amongst the seven realms. Go ahead and gift your king or queen this prized possession.
  4. GOT action figure- Gift your friend this action figure of jon snow and give him a chance of bringing him home the king in the north. Or as per the latest plot twist qAegon Targeron the heir to the iron throne.
  5. GOT dragon claw glass- This glass for your will be a prized possession among all the other gifts. Your friend is definitely going to love you more for this one surely.