Unique Games & Activities for Kids with Special Needs

Every child loves some fun, including kids with special needs. However, this may not always seem like the case because kids with special needs engage in a different form of fun, including exclusive games, toys, and fun activities.
Below is a list of six fun and unique games and activities for kids with special needs.

Find the Puzzle Piece

Find the Puzzle Piece is a fun game that requires kids to find hidden pieces of a puzzle. It is simple. First, get a puzzle game, dismantle it, and hide the different places in creative locations.
Next, bring the kids in and ask them to find as many pieces as possible; the goal is to get all pieces, but everyone has to participate. Finally, have them work together on the puzzle once all the pieces turn up.
This game helps kids master parallel play in which each kid has a specific mission. It also helps teach team building when the kids are piecing the puzzle together.
P.S. This game requires at least two or more kids to work. Parents can also always step in to fill any vacant positions.

Giant Jenga

Jenga is both fun and educative, especially for kids with special needs. However, you will have to go bigger to make it attractive for your special one, hence Giant Jenga.
The kids will do some lifting stacking the blocks on each other, and the strategy required will also help sharpen their brains. They will also have a lot of fun watching the tower grow taller and taller with each stacked piece – this is the main selling-point of Giant Jenga.

Match the Cards

Match the Cards is an all-round fun game with several key benefits for kids with special needs. This game helps kids learn social skills and improves their memory while also sharpening their concentration.
This game’s concept is simple. It involves a set of random cards with matching pairs. The game consists in arranging the cards face-down in random order. Then comes the fun part: uncovering identical pairs by flipping the cards face-up.
The trick is that each of the players can only flip two cards at a time, and if their chosen cards don’t match, they let the other player try their luck.
This game requires at least two players and adults can engage. It is designed for kids aged between three and five years.

Model Trains

A model train is a must-have toy for every kid. It is especially favorable for autistic kids, and autism and trains seem to make a good combo to help kids cope with their feelings and emotions.
Autistic kids have a lot of fun putting their model trains and rail-tracks together, and the work also helps to improve their concentration skills. They also like watching miniature trains go around as their work pays off.

Indoor Dancing

Dancing, like laughing, is a form of medicine. It has a wide range of benefits for kids with special needs, including building their confidence, raising spatial awareness, and learning social skills.
There is no protocol to dancing: just get a fun tune and dance to it. However, you will need to set the venue to get your child up and dancing; consider clearing out enough space and setting up colorful décor, such as a miniature disco light. It helps to lead and get on the dance floor first so that your little one will feel free to join in. Dancing is universally beneficial. It is especially recommended for kids with autism, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, learning disability, and a range of physical disabilities.

Camp Out in the Living Room

A little adventure doesn’t hurt, even if you don’t have to leave the living room. On the contrary, it helps to build social skills and, most importantly, is fun. Just imagine that you are outdoors and bring out the tents. Work together on setting up the tents, and after it is done, consider enjoying one of the games mentioned above inside the tent.

More than Just Fun!

Fun for kids with special needs is more than just fun; it is also a growing experience. Kids with special needs tend to be easily overwhelmed, so getting them to have fun is like drowning out all the distractions. These games and fun activities are comfortable, safe, and enjoyable, so dig in!