There always comes a time when you feel like taking on a bigger project. Sure, we’ve all painted the house or renovated the bedroom. But, today we’re talking about the much larger tasks. Perhaps the house is feeling smaller as the family grows larger, and you need an extension or conservatory. Maybe you want to convert the garage into a gym or the empty attic into a study.

There are all sorts of grand changes and alterations you can make to your home. They will transform the feel and practicality of your property. Better yet, they’ll also add value to your home when it comes to selling it on. There are lots of great reasons to take on a big project. But, just remember, there’s a lot to think about before you do. Here are just a few of things you’ll need to consider.


Structural integrity

Your house is balanced on a precise number of load bearing points. It is carefully constructed and designed to share the weight of the materials, and keep it steady. When you start making big changes, you often threaten the structural integrity. Even something like knocking down an internal wall could have consequences. If you’re trying to create an open-plan living space, this will be a big consideration. The same goes for any conversions where additional weight and strain is added. Always consult a structural expert before you get started.

Planning permission

Undertaking major projects on the house often requires planning permission. Now, planning permission is often very tricky to navigate. Local authorities are difficult to deal with, and it can take months to get a decision. With some small alterations, you’re often okay. So long as there are no aesthetic or structural changes to the outside of the property. But, in general, it’s always best to submit your plans anyway.


As you can expect, it’s not cheaper taking on a big home project. The average cost of an attic conversion is £15,000, for example. Some projects will cost much less, but it’s up to you to create an accurate budget. Do bear in mind the value you’ll add to the property by doing the work. Take that into account when budgeting.


If you’re making a big change, you’re going to have a lot of leftover material. There will be bricks and debris to remove on a daily basis. You’ll probably need to hire a skip, and arrange for its removal after the project. There will also be ongoing dust problems that you’ll need to keep out of the house, and away from people. You may need to consider a nordfab duct to keep the area clear of dust.

Workmen or DIY?

Last of all, you’ll have to consider whether you’re going to take on the project alone. The alternative is hiring a seasoned project manager. Despite their upfront cost, they’ll probably end up saving you money!

All that’s left to do is get started! Good luck with your major home project, and let us know how it goes.