Everyone dreams to own a home. It is the most significant investment anyone can make in their lifetime. Investing in a home increases your wealth and is a mark of success. However, you have to weigh your options whether you want to buy or rent. Apart from personal preference, current living conditions determine whether you qualify to buy or rent a home. Read on to discover whether you should rent, rent to own, or buy a home in Ontario.

Renting a home

Renting a home is the most suitable option when you don’t have enough to buy a home. Alternatively, it can be a choice depending on your reasons. Luckily, the property owner takes care of all repairs on the property. This saves you from various costs to ensure that everything is working fine since repairs can get costly on escalation. Local governments also apply ta on homes annually. However, the renter is not responsible for this tax but to pay your monthly rent.

The value of a home can go up annually when in an affluent neighborhood. Besides, you are likely to get some good money when you decide to sell it. However, a home in a nice neighborhood might be out of your league for its financial obligation. Those in regular neighborhoods are usually affordable but hard to sell. When you rent, you avoid the down payment required to buy a home. Renting makes sense and doesn’t make you a second-class citizen. You have the freedom to rent any home that catches your fancy.

Rent to own

Considering rent to own homes in Ontario allows enjoying the benefits of both worlds. This is renting a home with an option to buy it at the end of the lease. You have to make monthly payments for rent and contribute a sum to the agreed purchase price of the property. The beauty of this is giving you a chance to book home of your dreams without contributing a huge sum.

Additionally, rent to own allows test-driving the home before committing to buying it. Rent to own agreement gives you a chance to purchase the home when the lease agreement expires. However, you also have the freedom not to purchase the property. The beauty of this is spending some time in the home to give you enough time to make up your mind on whether it is the home of your needs. By the time the lease expires, you would’ve made up your mind on whether to purchase the home or not.

Buying a home

Purchasing a home requires having enough money for the down payment. However, you need careful planning to ensure that you buy a home in a nice neighborhood. This should have sought out schools, medical facilities, transport networks, shopping centers, and social centers. All these increase the value of your home. Investing in a nice neighborhood comes at a substantial amount but pays off significantly in the long run.

To own home gives an immense sense of satisfaction. However, it comes with financial implications including getting loans to finance the purchase and the maintenance costs down the road. Additionally, buying a home upfront is a great idea for those with a stable career or enough finances to handle unpredictable circumstances.

How to decide whether to rent, rent to own, or buy a home


The first consideration to decide whether to rent, rent to own, or buy a home is the financial obligation. Renting is for those at the lower end who can afford the down payment to purchase a home. Additionally, renters usually lack the funds to contribute towards the purchase price of the property in a rent to own agreement. Those with financial stability have enough to make the down payment to buy a home. So, you have to weigh your options before deciding on your accommodation.

Expected stay in the house

When staying in Ontario for a short period, renting is the best option. Here, you lease the home for the duration of your stay in the area. Buying a home in Ontario is also a great idea even during a short stay as an investment. You can always come to your Ontario home on vacation and rent it out during periods when you’re away.

Rent to own in this case is ideal when you’re not sure of whether you plan to stay for long. In case you change your mind after spending some time, you can decide not to purchase the property. If the place meets your expectations, you’ll have contributed to the purchase price of the property. So, owning the home becomes easier.

Bottom line

Accommodation in Ontario is through renting, rent to own, or buying a home. You have to choose an option that appeals to you. This should match your financial position and personal preferences. Rent to own allows enjoying the benefits of renting and buying a home making it the best option.