Accuonboard is a distributor of PM Onboard Weighing systems. The experienced staff is on hand in all eight branches to ensure topnotch service and much-sought advice to the company’s clients. Both old and new buyers are assured of quality service, expert consultation and a range of expertly designed equipment.

Accuonboard onboard weighing systems offer the following products:

  • TruckWeigh
  • VanWeigh
  • Air Suspension systems
  • WasteWeigh
  • BulkWeigh
  • Underbody systems
  • Forklift scales
  • Chain of responsibility

Here is a brief review of each product listed.


This is a payload monitoring system that is made for high capacity commercial vehicles that weigh over 18tonnes in Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). The truckweigh system enables operators to avoid overloading, maximize on payloads and reduce risk. This is how it works:

  • It equips drivers with the knowledge and security that is paramount
  • It ensures compliance with regulations
  • It monitors both load and distribution
  • It offers cost-effective optimization of payload

It is suitable for these types of vehicles:

  • Rigid tippers
  • Trailer units
  • Tractor units
  • RCVs
  • Skiploaders
  • Hookloaders
  • Pickup trucks
  • Vehicles with high spring and /or air suspension

VanWeigh and air suspension systems

VanWeigh is an overload warning system designed for use in in light trucks, delivery vehicles and utility vehicles.

Air suspension systems are made for vehicles with air suspension systems.

This is an overload warning system for light trucks, delivery vans and utility vehicles. It gives you a warning sound if your vehicle is loaded above the acceptable limit.


This system is designed specifically for vehicles that are used in the waste and recycling industries. It is tailor-made for use by four, six or eight-wheeled waste collection vehicles andvehicles used for recycling operations.

The highlights of this system are:

  • It is an easy to operate system
  • High accuracy
  • It is reliable
  • It comes with an overload alarm
  • Inbuilt speaker
  • Full-colourtouchscreen display
  • Cameras
  • Tare, gross and payload display


The system is designed for bulk tippers, rigid trucks, semi-trailers and drawbar vehicles. It is a high accuracy system that comes with an overload alarm and is easy to operate. It is also rugged for off-road use.

Underbody systems

  • WasteWeigh (underbody lead cell) is a rigid underbody weighing system for all rigid vehicles.
  • LFT-1500 (underbody trade approved) is a chassis weighing system for charging and price management by weight.

Chain of responsibility

Accuonboard adheres to the laws and requirements by installing an onboard weighing system that helps in determining axle loads in real time. This means that you weigh as you load. You are therefore in a position to monitor the weight to avoid going above the set limit which saves you precious time on the weighbridge and ensures that you are always on the right side of the law.

Having the assurance that your vehicle meets the weight limit specification set by the law gives you comfort which is what Accuonboard Weigh Systems aim to ensure you have as they strive to meet your business needs.

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