Parasites are a part of human body and there is no way you can completely get rid of them unless you go on a parasite cleansing. It might sound like an easy step to take but it is not. It requires you to stay off certain foods for a period of time and notice the changes that occur in your body. When you attempt parasite cleansing, your body might find it difficult to cope in the beginning, but you will notice a significant change in the long term. There are certain die off symptoms you need to be aware about and find ways to fight them.

What is a die off?

Die off is a reaction which occurs when toxins from the dying parasites in your body overwhelm the ability of the body to clear them out. The parasite cleansing process involves removing the toxins from the body and when the body is unable to clear those out, you will notice a number of die off symptoms. These symptoms include muscle pain, fever, chills, skin rashes, headaches, brain fog, excess mucus production and an increased problem in your gut. The symptoms feel very flu like and your entire body becomes sluggish. You will feel like your body is working harder than usual. However, these symptoms vary from one person to another and are not the same at all times.

These die off symptoms should not scare you in any manner. Unless you gain clarity on these symptoms and the different ways in which you can deal with them, you will not be able to make the right decision for your health. When you are making a change for your health, it is important to interpret what the body is telling you and what the signs mean.

What causes the die off?

There is a lot of confusion with regard to the causes of die off symptoms. When you make a substantial change to your treatment plan, it causes the die off symptoms. Remember that this is a situation when the toxins in your body overwhelm the natural ability to clear them. In the process of a parasite cleanse, you make a huge change in your diet and lifestyle, this is why the symptoms occur. When you switch from the processed food to real food diet, you give rise to the die off symptoms. Further, if you start a probiotic dosage or increase the dosage of an anti-parasitic, you give rise to the symptoms. Each and every change in the treatment will lead to a change in the gut flora and will release toxins that will have to be removed by the body. If the body is unable to do so, you will notice the die off symptoms.

4 die off myths you should know about

Myth 1 : A new supplement has given you more die off

This is a big myth. Unless you have added an anti parasitic or an antibacterial agent in your supplement, there is no way you get die off from the supplements. What you are experiencing is a reaction to the supplement which should not be interpreted as a die off. This reaction could be caused due to a number of reasons or due to the substance itself.

Myth 2: A new food gave you die off symptoms

An addition of a new food to your diet will not give you die off symptoms. Die off can happen when you switch to a new diet but once you have this diet underway for a few weeks, there will not be any symptoms due to the same. When you add a new food and the die off symptoms get worse, it is your body telling you that you are introducing new food too fast and you need to slow down a little bit.

Myth 3: The symptoms got worse out of nowhere

If all of a sudden you start feeling worse, they are not die off symptoms occurring out of the blue. Rather, it could be a sign that you have more health problems that need to be fixed. It could also be the stress from your life which is overwhelming your body and you are having a reaction due to the same. If you do not manage stress properly, it could have a harmful impact on your health. You can learn more about the different die off symptoms and the ways to fight them on so that you can remain prepared for the same when you begin your parasite cleansing.

Myth 4: You get die off because you have parasites and bacteria in the body

If you are constantly changing your anti parasitic or antibiotic dosage, you will get a die off more often. More importantly, it is a signal from your body that you are doing fine and the parasites are dying. It also means that you have suppressed the bad bugs from your body and the supplements are now reacting to the same. Lastly, it could mean that you have an infection which needs to be cured. In any case, it is a reaction to the antibiotic and is not a die off symptom.

Die off is not always straightforward. You will have to take a closer look at the diet and the medication which you are following. You need to interpret the clues that your body is giving you and understanding these clues will help you determine what symptom is a die off and what is a reaction. Only when you understand the difference, you will be able to switch to a treatment that makes you feel good.

Die off symptoms exist but you need to be able to decode the same. You need to notice the difference in how you feel during the cleansing process and how your body is reacting to new antibiotics and to the introduction of different foods.