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Every woman who finds herself faced with an unplanned pregnancy or a medical diagnosis of infertility goes through similar emotions. You have every right to feel angry, hopeless and that your plans for the future can never come true. Your future isn’t hopeless. Whether you are dealing with an unwanted pregnancy or the inability to have children, there are solutions.

For Birth Mothers

Fear is the first emotion experienced by many women when they discover that they’re pregnant. You may be in college and see yourself struggling to finish your education and raise a baby. It’s difficult to take on the demands of graduate school when you have a child. You may be on your own and unable to provide financially for a child. In any unplanned pregnancy situation, the father may not be in the picture.

You deserve to know that your baby is living the best life possible. You can select your baby’s adoptive parents and an open or closed adoption. You can also choose to have contact with your baby’s adoptive parents until the child turns 18.

Women who choose adoption when confronted with an unplanned pregnancy experience many emotions. No emotion that you feel before or after choosing adoption is “bad.” Birth mothers find it empowering to know what to expect.

For Adoptive Parents

Infertility affects both women and men. Discovering that you can’t have your spouse’s child causes shock, depression and grief. It affects your self-esteem. Anger is normal. So is jealousy. When you look at other parents with their children, especially relatives, you may be tempted to withdraw from the world.

You can have the family you’ve always planned. Many young women are seeking families like yours to adopt their babies. During the adoption process, you can learn about the health of your birth mother and other specific information of importance to you.

With that said, sometimes infertility is not the issue at all. Sometimes, people have always wanted to adopt and give a child a good home even if they already have children of their own. This is very admirable, taking in a little one and giving that child a home that they deserve. It is also great for our children as it gives them someone else to play with and grow close to as they grow up.

After Choosing Adoption

Agencies like A Child’s Dream is about ensuring that each child is placed with stable, married and healthy adoptive parents. Adoptive parents go through strict health, financial and background checks. The adoptive parents cover all medical costs. Counseling, housing and other assistance is available to birth mothers. You should also keep in mind that you can choose to do a closed or an open adoption. In other words, you can chose to keep your identity sealed from the birth parents or not, which prevents them from find your family later in life as your child grows up or you can be completely transparent.

Birth mothers are selfless and deserving of respect. For whatever reason or another, they have decided to give their child their best chance even if it means it is not with them. Allowing a loving family to adopt your baby is a brave decision. Adopting a child requires determination and a strong commitment to family. Like your adoptive mother, you are giving a baby love, security and the best opportunities in life.