It is important to remember that not everyone will like the same gift, especially people whom you hold dearest and you already think you gave them the best gift ever. However, it is important to remember that it is not about the money spent on the gift, but rather what you are gifting; the thought is the most important matter here.


Decorate accordingly
Sometimes even the decoration of a gift can mean a lot and it can be pretty fun to open a present that has been put together carefully to surprise someone. Even small thing can be spruced up nicely so that you will have a very surprised and satisfied gift receiver.
Special decoration is especially worth to combine when you are gifting a piece of memory and something of a memorabilia. It will be an even bigger surprise for your loved ones when they open the nicely packed gift and see something dear to them.

Bake a gift
Baking or cooking something can be a really great gift as well, because it is coming from the heart and you took the time and effort to create something truly unique and special for your loved one. And if you neatly decorate the gift so that it will look absolutely stunning, then you have a perfect gift to give next time.
Furthermore, it is a good idea to find an old cookie box and fill it up with good old home-made cookies, and if the person receiving is a truly close person, then perhaps leaving the recipe as a side-present is a good idea too.

Make it yourself
Creating a unique piece of art, or something really handy is also a great idea as it will not only look great but it can be really practical and useful to whom you intend it for. Also, remember to ask for packaging advice if you are unsure how to pack up your new creation. Moreover, home-made gifts transfer your real emotions and how you truly feel about the person receiving the gift.

Scavenger hunt
Instead of giving a gift, why not try to make it an adventure, a precious memory and experience that will be hard to top by any gift. Also, by putting together an interesting outdoor activity, it will show your loved ones that you really care about them, because you took the time and effort to come up with something truly unique and creative.

A box of letters
If you have someone who lives far away and whom you cannot see frequently, write down what you want to tell them in letters and collect them at a regular interval, so that you can give them a box full of letters meant for them. It is meant to convey your inner thoughts and what you wanted to tell them but never had the chance.
For a bigger surprise, make different home-made envelopes so that each letter will be truly unique and special for the both of you.