Ugg is well-known footwear used by many for quite some time now. What is nice about ugg is that these are comfy, warm, and easy to style.


In the early 1920s, Ugg boots are worn by sheep shearers because they are resistant to the wool yolk. But in the early 1970s, the boot became well-liked to the surfers in Australia. They usually paired them with ripped jeans as a symbol of rebellion. Later on, it became banned around movie theatres in Sydney, resulting in a trend among the young people, making the market soar high. Smith and Jensen came with a business opportunity to manufacture and sell the boot style. In 1994, Ugg boots hit their major break when the U.S. Olympic team wore them up on stage. Smith then sold the business to a footwear brand called Decker Brands, where it beams out, gaining popularity internationally.

Right now, the business became a billion-dollar company when some celebrities started wearing them on their shows. There are different kinds of Ugg products in the market, such as slippers, sandals, winter coats, gloves, handbags, and household products like rugs, towels, pillows, and blankets.

How to Style Ugg Footwear

Ugg creates its design for both men and women. In choosing the best ugg footwear for you, you must consider the style that fits your personality, then the color and the materials used. Because of how simple the design is, there are many ways to mix and match them.

  1. Long pants: An ugg for men boots paired with long pants is the best way to style them. To make it look sophisticated, tuck your pants in.
  2. Semi-formal attire: Instantly level up your semi-formal street style by pairing your uggs with a black coat and trench pants. There are classic uggs footwear in the market that you can check out.
  3. Laid-back look: If you don’t have time to put together your style, ugg boots can instantly make you look straightforward. Top with a denim jacket, knitted blazer, or even just a sweater.
  4. Accessories: Yes, uggs give off a minimalist vibe, but you can vamp up your look by adding more pieces into your style. Put on a cap, add a scarf, and accessorize with a watch, necklace, or belt that can make your ugg pop.
  5. Not for formal events: Ugg can be trendy and comfy to wear, but it is not suited for formal gatherings. You can wear them during a casual meet-up, quick errands, or semi-formal go-to.


Tips on Wearing Uggs Footwear

  1. Do not forget to wear socks to avoid making your ugg boots smell stinky due to bacteria formed.
  2. Ugg boots are not for hot weather. This footwear is for the winter season, so wearing them during the hot climate season is inappropriate.

Ugg footwear is a statement piece and worth your spending. The ugg for men boots is an investment piece to keep in your shoe closet. They are perfect for the colder months; they make your feet warm and snugly, making your toes feel happier, and they are quick and easy to snatch on. They go along with so many outfits like your sweatpants, and they never go out of style.

Foremost, buying them should make you feel happy, content, and comfortable. If you’ve been dying to have a pair, then why not go ahead and treat yourself. Your feet deserve a reward.