If there’s one clothing accessory that men must have, it is the cufflink. This is a great add-on to any long-sleeved shirt and one that makes a statement every time. The cufflinks of today are more improved and affordable. And if they were associated with royalty and the high end society only in the past, these days this accessory can be worn by anybody who wants to look dignified while attending important and special occasions. In fact, cufflinks are now also being worn with casual clothes. Cufflinks have indeed come a long way. Here are some type of cufflinks:

USB Cufflinks

There are different styles of cufflinks available on the market today. The high tech USB cufflinks and the watch movement type are just some examples. The difference is in the way it secures the cuffs through the back part or its closure.

cufflinksBullet Back Type

The bullet back is the most common type because it is easy to use. It features a torpedo capsule at the back that can be flipped horizontally to secure the cuffs.

Whale Back Type

The whale back is another type. This one has a straight post with a flat whale tail. This tail part can be flipped flat to enable you to insert it into the cuff’s holes and then flipped back to secure the end of the sleeves.

Chain Link Cufflinks

The most traditional of all is the chain link but ideal for those who have long been using the accessory. This type features two sides that can be joined together through the chain link allowing for a looser fit for the cuff.

Ball Return Type

The ball return type means the backing features a ball made of gold or silver. Compared to the usual bullet or plain fixed back, this one is considered more attractive.

Fixed Back Type

There’s also another one with a fixed backing. The backing is usually is an extension of the main cufflink face and does not bend or move in any way hence referred to as fixed. This part is formed from the same piece of metal and may require some effort to put on. However, this type may be more durable than the others because it has no moving parts.

This fixed back kind also has a reversible version. Instead of a plain and fixed disc, the end part has a design. And since both sides feature a different design, you can reverse them every now and then depending on the type of design you’d like to show on your cuffs.

Jessie is an expert in cufflinks and follows the development of this clothing accessory. He owns several pairs of USB cufflinks and often buys them as gifts for friends.