India is known for its spices, herbs and Ayurveda medicines. In Ayurveda treatment, India is the first country to start the home made remedies which are non-toxic and completely eco-friendly. There are many herbal spices which are known for its special treatment in a body. If you actually want the very natural and healthy Indian spices online, buy it from here. Turmeric is one of the most trusted Indian spiced acknowledged for its specific taste and beautiful yellowish color. We are here to show you outstanding benefits of turmeric. It is one of the neediest spice for Indian cooking and also it is a cost saving and very natural way to cure the diseases and skin related issues.

What is Turmeric?


Turmeric has belonged to ginger family Zingiberaceae plant which is actually derived from India. It grows below ground. It is cleaned than boiled and dried and then powdered. There are many of names of turmeric like selam, raja puri, alma Puram and many local haldi available in all over India.

Fresh and raw turmeric also used in mix with salad for the blood purification system. In India approximately 30 varieties available in turmeric. Green turmeric is also most popular in India. According to health chart, green turmeric is best to boost the immune level. Mostly people prefer in taking with Amla juice in winter.

This is best used to lower the cholesterol, improve digestion, and remove fatigue and weakness from a body and even to fight against the cold.

The Uses of Turmeric Spice in Cooking

In Indian cooking, the extra strong smell and flavor come with turmeric. Turmeric is used in dal and sabzi for showing the bright and yellowish color in Indian food. But there is a special kick in its flavor which enhances the taste of dish also.

Use turmeric in cooking

Previously it was a tradition, Indian lady goes and buy the hard dried turmeric and then powder it at home. Because they want a natural and earthy smell home-made turmeric. But now there are various types of branded and natural powdered turmeric is available to buy from the market. But still some Indian lady buys the whole turmeric and grinds it at home and saves for the whole year in glass jar.

This is basically a king of spice without which Indian food is incomplete. It is also used in cooking for preventing gastric and stomach ache problems. With milk, it goes well to get relief from a dry cough or throat congestion. Intake of salt and turmeric powder after food is good for digestion of food. There are unlimited usages and benefits of turmeric.

let’s have a look over here under.

Best 10 Health Benefits of Turmeric:

Turmeric is a leader of all spices used for medicinal purposes. We are showing you the important benefits of using turmeric as a remedy for disease. In India, it is used in Ayurveda for treating all types of disease. How? Please check it over here under.

Turmeric in Milk

  • With milk, it is given to reduce the throat irritation, throat infection.
  • It is also used best in eczema dissolving in juice or water. It reveals the body and removes the irritation and itching from chicken pox and scabies.
  • The best is raw turmeric. It is used to reduce the cholesterol level, providing immune to body and fights against cancer cells.Medicine From Turmeric
  • From decades in India, it is used to repair and heal the wounds and scars of skin. With salt, it is applied on the wounds to remove the ache and swellings from the injured part.
  • It is used best for them suffering from fever. Served with lukewarm water or milk is best to advise for the children occurring nausea, vomiting and gastric problem.
  • In India there is a tradition, a haldi occasion is made to brighten and lighten the skin of bride. Yes, this is the best remedy to repair the skin, brighten the skin. Now there are various brands Mehandi especially made to apply on the face as a mask. In India, this is the best anti-ageing remedy with no cost.Turmeric Beauty Benefits
  • It has active compound curcumin acts as anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antiseptic, and anti-tumor, antibacterial medicine. In India, people used to boil the turmeric and water in water and apply that mask on the healing wounds. This is the best natural medicine to remove the ache from the injured party.
  • It is a best antiseptic agent and that’s why in various types of facial crème and scrubs this is used to get the better results in skin.
  • It improves digestion and relieves the stomach irritation while taking after the food with a pinch of salt.Blood Circulation
  • Last but not the least this is an all in one drug, which helps in improving the immune system, increases blood circulation, fights against cancer cells, helps in reducing diabetes.

It is a non-toxic and very natural medicine acknowledged for its best remedies. There are no side effects or harm in taking this. Buy Indian grocery online USA from here and get the best health benefits. We have included almost all types of benefits of turmeric here. But it is not necessary that you can take it only while you are suffering from any disease. Turmeric powder is good to improve health and cure the body. any from 1 to old age person can take it regularly. A pinch of turmeric with salt in the warm water or milk is the best remedy in cold to cure the throat infection.