Carpets form an integral part of any home décor! They are chosen according to your home’s theme, and beautifully compliment your painted walls and exotic furniture and furnishings. We all select the best rugs and carpets for our rooms. These are even exposed to a lot of traffic, as the constant exits and entries do happen at every residence (not to mention the food particles, spills and stains that nestle there). Especially, if you have kids at home, these carpets serve the purpose of beds, dining mats, gaming junctions, etc. Everything is done by them on the very rugs and carpets, and they aren’t even aware that they can actually be mingling with germs in this process.  

Yes, in every home, we nurture certain harmful bacteria and germs too. These are a part of our lifestyle without even us knowing about the same. They are present everywhere in the home — from the water to the air, and also on the carpets and rugs. Especially on the carpets. They tend to settle down on its base (blame gravity for this), and later as your or your kids come in contact with the rugs and carpets, you come in contact with them too. That is the reason why you should be using air and water purifiers and extra precautions for hygiene, otherwise your kids, pets and even you sometimes may catch a nasty infection! 

Multiple ways in which you can keep your carpets germ free!

A carpet or a rug just couldn’t be germ free by a regular sweep or wipe, it needs a deeper cleaning, a thorough and safer method apart from other ways to make it germ free. Let’s read about those ways below:

  • Professional Help — You may have bought a carpet a year or so ago. But how many times did you get it cleaned professionally? With your regular vacuuming you are removing the germs temporarily; there can be the ones settled deeper, which can be eradicated only by a professional cleaning method. You can choose from the various companies offering services for carpet cleaning in Mandurah like Carpet Cleaning for Perth, who provide the best solution by cleaning your carpet thoroughly and also eradicating the germs in it. Their latest equipment and trained personnel deliver guaranteed and satisfactory results in cleaning your carpets.
  • Vacuuming — Vacuuming is another way to get rid of the germs lying in your carpets. With the force that the suction takes place in a vacuum cleaner, the harmful insects and bacteria get removed from the carpets and rugs instantly. You can choose to vacuum the carpets clean every week or on alternate days, depending upon number of the family members in the house and their level of activeness.
  • Prevention of Germs — Prevention of germs equals removal of them! When the carpet won’t come in contact with the factors of germ build up, it won’t gather it anyway. But this can be slightly difficult. Especially if you are a full house with kids hovering the place and pets sleeping everywhere. But still, at least you try for the prevention by cleaning the surface immediately if anything falls on it. These fallen foodstuffs or wastes often give way to tiny insects and bacteria. Also, if you have air purifiers in your home, there are lesser chances of your carpets acquiring those harmful germs. You can also keep an eye on your children’s hands and legs; they may be rubbing those dirty hands after coming from outdoors on the carpet, thus increasing the risk of infections in this way. If you have furry members in your family, clean their paws after they come from their outdoor walks.
  • Washing with Germ-Free Cleaning Agents — Washing off the rugs is possible (of course not the wall to wall carpets). But make sure you follow the manufacturer’s manual while doing this, so as not to harm the material.
  • Steam Cleaning — This one is another reliable method to clean your carpets from germs and other harmful elements. These days, certain vacuum cleaners also come with this added feature. With steam cleaning, you actually get a deep cleansing of the carpets. Also, as the heat penetrates it, the germs are totally damaged in this procedure. This steam cleaning is again carried out by professionals, and you just need to ask them for the service if you want your carpets to be cleaned better.

Keeping your home germ free is essential in order to give your children and loved ones a healthy lifestyle. And for this, always ensure your carpets are germ free and clean inside out! 

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