The state of Himachal Pradesh is called the ‘Abode of Snow’ or ‘Abode of Gods’. It is considered to be a hilly state that is located on western Himalayas. It is popular globally for its greenery, mesmerizing beauty, adventure and serene environments. This is just the perfect place for adventure enthusiasts. They can have a fabulous time here trekking through the different mountain passes which covers the state’s length and breadth. More than 200 trekking places can be noticed in this state. Such trails are said to be trekked by people in thousands, especially those, who fantasize adventure, thrill and excitement.

Trekking along

One can check out billing himachal camping to have a gala time at the laps of the great Himalayas and cherish the beautiful moments spent there for the rest of their lives. The terrain is known to vary immensely. Landscape of the treks could vary from the vast paddy fields to low shrub lands, including that of the higher altitude narrow alleys that are snow covered. The countryside is seen to display different colours, even when trekking is carried on any single route. It could be that for a minute, the trekker is walking under the cover of the thick spruce and deodar forest and the next moment, he probably could be moving along the fast-flowing river. Perhaps, he might get stranded on the crossroads, thinking which way is to be chosen for moving ahead.

Some popular trekking regions

Some of the trekking regions in the state are known to lie within the Pir Panjal ranges and the Dhauladhar Ranges. It is considered to be the difficult trekking regions in the world. Besides this, there are present several easy treks that can be found between Kullu Valley and Shimla. Bara Bhangal trek in billing valley is equally popular and visited by thousands. The other selected trekking areas within the Trans Himalayan region of Spiti, Lahaul and Kullu region attract waifs and trekkers the globe over. These people are said to visit the region to test their skills, professional prowess and endurance as mountaineers and climbers.

The treks are said to occupy centre stage besides the popular tourist spots here. People in thousands these days just prefer to go to less crowded and serene hill stations and cities and to explore the virgin lands here.

Some treks are known to start with an elevation of about 1500 meters above sea level, covering an altitude of around 6000 meters. Majority of the trekking regions are said to be dotted by pastoral hamlets. The shepherds are regarded to be the initial inhabitants of this place and make their living through rearing of livestock and farming.

Few of the sought-after treks within this state are Saar Pass, Pin Parvati, Chandra Taal, Bara Bhangal, Chandrakhani Pass, Trihund Glacier, Kinner Kailash, Hampta Pass, etc. The choice is simply endless. Some places are open just for brief period of probably 2 to 3 months. So, it will be useful to contact the professional tour and travel operators who will provide adequate guidance to select the right trekking region at the right time.