Erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual desire and premature ejaculation: these are the main sexual problems faced by men. But do they have a solution? Yes. The doctors explain the best ways out according to the root of the problems.

Until recently, commercials sold the solution to “impotence”. Doctors warn that the word is no longer used because it is considered pejorative.

Erectile dysfunction is the main sexual problem experienced by men. Check out what the disease is:

But what can lead to the problem? Actually, the penis works like a blood vessel.

What is bad for a blood vessel will also be bad for the health of the penis. Increased cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, diabetes, obesity, are some of the risk factors for erectile dysfunction.

Doctors separate causes into two types: Organic and psychological. The main root of the dysfunction is emotional.

Psychological factors are varied, such as fear of pregnancy and depression. There is also situational erectile dysfunction, when the patient has a normal erection with his wife, but does not have a lover, and vice versa. Loss of job and widowhood can also cause it.

In these cases, the most recommended treatment is specialized psychotherapy.

There are also organic causes: It is very common for men to undergo pelvic surgery. 1 in 7 men can have prostate cancer, one of the treatments being surgery. This can damage one of the nerves that make erection impossible.

Viagra and variations

Treatment with drugs and psychotherapy is called the first line. There are other ways out for about 30% that do not react to pills like Viagra.

The great evolution in the treatment for erectile dysfunction occurred with the discovery of the drugs that guarantee the erection, like Sildenafil. It is possible to solve the problem momentarily with the use of medicines such as Sildenafil, a Viagra pill, but only the recovery of safety brings the definitive cure.

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The second line consists of injections into the cavernous body of the penis. With a penile injection, it will be able to have sex normally.

Although the injection is done to not cause too much pain, many patients are unable to get used to it. A small portion does not have the expected result.

Then we go to a third line of treatment, the penile prosthesis. It is the implantation of the silicone rods inside the cavernous body. This keeps the penis erect, with a malleable and semi-rigid prosthesis.

Still within the third line of treatment, there is the use of electromagnetic shock waves. There are up to six sessions in which the doctor positions a device towards the penis and tries to cover most of the organ.

These waves, according to research published in 2010, increase blood supply to the penis, which guarantees erection. The treatment is expensive, but the sessions are quick: they last less than 30 minutes.

Reduced sexual desire

Doctors are clear: the lack of sexual desire among men is increasingly common.

Libido is linked to the rates of testosterone, the male hormone, also found in women, which peaks in adolescence. It is natural that the rates fall after 50 and there is a reduction in attraction.

It’s not just hormonal. The man may also have a libido problem for psychological reasons. In the so-called hypoactive male sexual desire, he has all the normal exams, but for some unknown reason he has no sexual desire. There is a point in giving Viagra but there is no point in giving hormone.

The psychological causes are also linked to depression, work pressure and stress.

The lack of desire is the second biggest cause of male sexual health problems. Hormone replacement is for those who need hormones. Often the root is emotional. This story of giving testosterone to everyone is wrong.