Bleeding Haemorrhoids

Treatment Of Bleeding Haemorrhoids With Ayurveda

Haemorrhoids, commonly known as piles is inflammation and swelling caused in the anal passage, in most cases, at the opening of the rectum. The one developed inside the rectum is known as internal haemorrhoids, while the other developed outside over the skin around the anus is known as external haemorrhoids.

Around 50% of people suffering from Haemorrhoids are unaware of it – the reason being the ignorance of little ache or inflammation. Haemorrhoids can be caused for several reasons, but in most cases, the cause is unknown.

The disease is primarily associated with Vada’s equilibrium. If the Vata gets out of balance, some waste begins to accumulate in the body, consequently enlarging the varicose veins. The vein after a certain period may be felt inside the rectum or appear outside around the skin.

Internal Haemorrhoids

Internal haemorrhoids are experienced inside the anal passage. These sometimes cause discomfort and irritation while passing the stool.


  • You can come across painless bleeding during anal excretion.
  • Haemorrhoid, while being pushed through the anal opening, causes pain and irritation.

External haemorrhoids

These happen to be over the skin around the anus. These are painful. Clotting of blood is generally found in the stomach, especially in constipation. Lumps are also formed filled up with coagulated blood and tissues.


  • Irritation and itching while passing the stool
  • Growing pain and discomfort
  • Swelling and infection around your anus
  • Heavy Bleeding

Thrombosed haemorrhoids

If blood comes in external haemorrhoids, it forms a clot, also called a thrombus.


  • Extreme Pain
  • Swelling and infection
  • A lump hanging around your anus
  • Inflammation

Ayurvedic Treatment

The principle treatment of Ayurveda for any disease is restoring the energy balance in your body. Ayurveda believes that since our body is regulated only with air, all we must do is to maintain the air balance in our body. With recovery, the body jumps back to work and becomes self-regulated and self-developing.

The restoration of the energy balance takes place in several combined ways. A well-balanced diet provides good nutrition for recovery and further development. According to Ayurveda, since nature is balanced, for each Dossa (defect), there is suitable or inappropriate food found in nature – greasy or leaner, spicy or neutral, warm or lukewarm, etc.

Haemorrhoids, if we conclude keeping the precious knowledge of Ayurveda in mind, can be avoided by avoiding spicy and fatty foods.

The physicians in these cases will also assign your activities that can overcome – physical and mental stress. A good diet, if it happens to be a part of your daily meal, can help in restoring and maintain the energy balance.

Different treatments that are used to treat haemorrhoids including herbs, spices, as well as oils, again tally with the Ayurveda idea of energy maintenance.

To maintain energy – it is most important to maintain energy providers. Having adequate intake of liquids daily at least 8-10 cups can greatly help you. Also, at the same time, if your food includes enough fibers, it will keep your bowel clean and healthy.

Homely Tips

The menu that you follow should have fresh leafy vegetables such as carrots, radish, spinach, and chickpeas.

  • Fruits also include dietary fibers. They are always good for health.
  • You can have glasses of juice on per day basis. The source of juice can be an apple, carrot, beetroot papaya, and pomegranate. It helps in bleeding haemorrhoids.
  • Drink water as much as possible to stay away from constipation
  • If warm milk is regularly taken along with three tablespoonfuls of castor oil, it can also help you out of chronic constipation
  • Coconut oil can give relief from itching, irritation, and swelling around anal regions.
  • Green coconut or raw coconut water act as a detoxifying agent. Consuming it daily will save you from infection. It also provides energy to the body.
  • Fig, which is high in fiber, can also give you relief from piles. Soak it overnight and consume in the morning empty stomach.
  • Psyllium Husk is a source of high dietary fiber. It can reduce the hardness of stool, making it easily slip through the anal passage.
  • Massaging the infected portion with piles treatment in Ayurveda can also help in resisting piles.

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