Getting injured is a rite of passage for everyone on the planet. Sometimes you fall, sometimes you hit you hand somewhere, and then there are times when impact is beyond your control. Getting injuries on our limbs, particularly the legs are fairly common. Therefore, we always aim to stock on the basic medical supplies such crepe bandages and medical tapes for quick dressing of the wounds. It’s easy to find the best medical instruments online, thanks to leading portals like Smart Medical Buyer, who provide access to the best medical brands at wholesale rates.

But there are some stubborn wounds that are not always due to impact. Ulcers, especially venous ulcers, are tricky to address. They arise when venous valves, which take care of preventing backflow of blood, do not function to their optimum, causing the pressure in veins to increase. The body needs the pressure gradient between arteries and veins in order for the heart to pump blood forward through arteries and into the veins. This is where you introduce compression therapies to treat your leg ulcers, with the help of multi-layer bandages effective in its application.

How compression really works

Compression reduces distention of superficial veins, thereby reducing the vessel cross-sectional area, making previously incompetent valves competent. Compression also assists the calf muscle pump by reducing the venous pressure, increasing blood flow in the right direction, and reducing edema.

Remedying with Velfour

Products like Datt Velfour, also available on Smart Medical Buyer, are effective for the treatment of venous leg ulcers and lymphedema. Velfour provides high sustained compression therapy (HSCT) with 40mm Hg pressure at the ankle which reduces to 17mm Hg at the knee. It is effective up to a week and comes in different sizes to fit everybody.

There are 5 key components in this bandaging system that work towards effective dressing of the leg ulcer

  • A smart gauze layer – It is a non-adherent dressing in touch with wound that permits the passage of exudates in the outer absorbent.
  • Orthopaedic Wool – Contains pads to soften and protect any bony protrusions. It also helps evenly distribute pressure around the limbs
  • Cotton Crepe Bandage – This is layer added for extra absorbency. It flattens and compresses orthopaedic wool and distributes the pressure effectively while preserving elastic energy.
  • Cohesive Compression Bandage – It is included to solidify the bandage’s position and avoid it from moving or coming loose.
  • High compression bandage – It has a ribbed texture to provide controlled and sustained compression. The unique design also allows for controlled and sustained compression.

Venous ulcers and lymphedema if not treated well immediately, can turn into a costly affair. Ulcers are fairly on the recurring side, so it is ideal to have the best medical supplies and ensure that the problem is kept as minor as possible. Another aspect to take care of nailing the dressing and changing it effectively – it can go miles in treating your injuries fast and correctly. Similarly with any other leg injuries, address them at the earliest to safe rather than sorry. Velfour or any other bandage compression system may just be the perfect dressing you need to take care of your leg wounds with tender yet effective care. So if you are finding yourself taping your legs on the regular, it’s time to get a bandage compression system.