Planning travel to India is now simpler than ever with the easy availability of the Indian tourist visa on arrival which you can apply for online. The e-Visa is now available for the foreign nationals online. If you plan to visit India, and if you have all the documents ready for the visit, then you have the advantage of applying for the tourist visa on arrival in India online. It’s an entirely online process. You need to know a few things and determine a few things to get started.

What would be your stay duration in India?

Before you apply for the India visa or the ETA, you must know that you would be allowed to stay in the Indian subcontinent only for a period of 60 days using this visa. You cannot stay any more than that. Hence whatever be the purpose of your visit to the country, you must make your travel plans and fix all dates accordingly.

Why do you want to visit India?

The next thing you should determine is why you are visiting the country. There are three categories in the e-visa. One is the tourist visa, another is the business visa, and the third is a media visa. The names suggest the purposes very well. Tourist visas are all round applicable. Even if you come here for business or medical treatments, you may do those works also on a tourist visa on arrival. But ideally, you should apply for the appropriate visa for the right reasons.

Usually, you are allowed to roam the country for business, or do any medical treatment, or tour extensively, as you prefer to, using your Indian e-visa. But you must have a clear concept of why you are visiting.

How many times are you allowed to enter using the e-visa?

The ETA remains valid for a period of 60 days from entering the country. And the visa holder can enter and exit the country twice during that period. This means the Indian tourist visa permits for a dual visit.

What criteria are required for applying?

  • To apply for the e-visa online, you must arrange all required documents near you so that you don’t face any hitch during the application.
  • You need to understand that you will have only 60 days to complete your travel purpose and go back, during which you can enter and exit the country twice.
  • All the documents you will be furnishing must have at least two blank pages on them.
  • All documents furnished by you must have a validity of 6 months from the date of processing of visa.
  • The passport is not the only document, but then there are other documents too needed for getting a visa on arrival.
  • There are some countries whose nationals cannot get a visa on arrival.

What is the processing method for e-visa?

The processing of the Indian e-visa or ETA is quite easy and hassle-free. In fact, the process saves time, and do not make you wait once you reach the Indian airport or port. With the e-application, you would already have the visa on arrival at hand and can furnish the same at an entry to get inside the country.

The process is simple – It just involves three steps:

  • There will be a short form which you need to fill up to enter your vital details. On submitting the form online, you will be directed to the payment page.
  • You will have to pay for the visa charges using a credit card.
  • Your details will be scrutinized manually by the visa approval team, and then you will get a link to download the visa online directly.

This makes the whole process butter smooth and hassle-free for foreign nationals intending to visit India for tourism or business etc. No more waiting at the queue, no more confusion at the last minute after arrival, no more visits to Indian consulates with documents, all make this e-visa application a boon for enthusiastic tourists.

Do you get your visa instantly?

After the payment through credit card on the visa application process, your application would be scrutinized by the visa approval team. They would look for correct filling of the form. If any question has been left answered or ignored by you, or if you have written wrong answers to any field, then they will be marked.

Next, you would get a call back from the team, and they will tell you the problem areas, and how you can correct them. You will be sent a correction link to re-enter information which needs to be corrected or filed. Finally, when everything is verified to be okay and in the right format, then the download link for the e-visa or ETA will be sent to you.

Concluding Notes

Application for the e-visa is a speedy and smooth process, which would encourage more foreign nationals to visit India. This is a smart step by the country’s Visa wing to make entry of foreigners easier and hassle-free.