The Golan Heights are a plateau in northern Israel located on the border with Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Israel, and for good reason, it is surrounded by mountains, parks, gardens, museums, galleries and vineyards. Apart it has walls and medieval fortresses. The wine produced in this area is one of the best in all of Israel. Here we show you the places in the area that you cannot miss.

Mount Hermon

Although it is extremely popular for winter sports, such as skiing or snow skating, Mount Hermon also offers summer activities. You can take long walks, panoramic views and archaeological views. If there is any history buff you cannot miss the visit to Mount Abtarim, supposedly in this place God promised Abraham that he would give the land to his descendants.

The Vinateria De Los Altos Del Golan

It is attributed to the winery Vinateria de los Altos del Golan the revolution that was for the wine of the country in recent decades. In 1983, great wine connoisseurs brought European techniques to Israel and began offering home-grown quality table wines, some of which are now considered the best wines in the world. In this place you can do wine tasting tours, visit the vineyards, learn about the different grape varieties and observe the oak cellars.

The National Park of Gmala

The Gmala National Park gives visitors the opportunity to see ancient ruins either at a distance from a fixed point, or by taking a walk through the mountains that contain them. You can also see the different species of birds that inhabit these places and the beautiful waterfall that is next to each other.

Ramot Ranch

If you like horses, you cannot miss the Ramot Ranch, it is the largest riding facility in Northern Israel. In addition, it overlooks the Sea of ​​Galilee. The place offers a great variety of horseback riding through the Golan Heights, which can last from a few hours to whole days.

Banias Natural Reserve

The Natural Reserve of Banias contains a lot of natural and historical beauty. One can admire so much the ruins of the ancient cities that are found in these places, even the Banias waterfall, the largest waterfall in Israel. It is located in the Golan Heights, between the fertile valley of Hula and the area of Mount Hermon, and is one of the favorite places of those who visit the Golan.

You can spend hours here; walk the trails, explore the ruins and have a picnic in the green plush forests. However, it is the waterfalls and fountains that make this reserve so exceptional.

Yehudiya Natural Reserve

In this magnificent nature reserve, you can do things that are hardly found in other places in Israel. You can go hiking with wild boars and wild birds that are interspersed with visits to swimming pools and viewpoints of the beauty of the Golan.

The Daliyot River Estuary

Not sure if you go hiking or swimming this weekend? Why not do both? The Daliyot River estuary (also known as “Majrase”), is the largest freshwater nature reserve in Israel. Offer your famous walks in water to keep cool while walking.

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