Are you visiting California? If yes, then the visit will be worthwhile as the state offers some of the best tourist sites, restaurants, beaches, and hotels. Here are things to do and hotels to stay in while you visit California:

Things To Do In California

1. Drive down the Most Crooked Street in the World:

In San Francisco, you will find Lombard Street that runs to Telegraph Hill from the Embarcadero. It is popular for its one-block road stretch in the Russian Hill place, between Hyde & Leavenworth Streets. The path is curvy and has eight hairpin turns that were made to reduce the natural 27 percent grade of the hill, which is too steep for a majority of the vehicles. The block runs for 600 feet only. However, it can be time-consuming to go down every turn. Since the hill receives 250 cars every 60 minutes, you might have to wait in line.

2. Learn to surf in Santa Cruz:

You cannot travel in California without stopping at its beautiful coastal beach communities. Santa Cruz is only a short drive down Route 1 from San Francisco. There is so much to see and do here, from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, to the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. Visit the pristine beaches and take a shot at surfing on the golden coast.

3. Visit Hollywood:

Hollywood California is one of the most iconic locations in the world. It would be an amazing place to stop during your travels. It would be a long drive down the coast from the Santa Cruz area, but it would be well worth it. You can see the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or take a hike up the trail to see the famous Hollywood sign. There are so many different things to see.


With your car, you can drive yourself to various sites in California. Once you have reached your destination city, there are multiple options for public transportation. Some other options include Uber, the bus system, or even a bicycle.

Hotels To Stay At:

1. Hyatt Place Santa Cruz:

This is one of the nicest places to stay during your coastal cruise. This hotel is near Santa Cruz Beach. It is a six-minute stroll from the central beach. It provides a beautiful private beach and an outdoor pool. Additionally, you will enjoy free self-parking and WiFi.

2. Milliken Creek Inn:

Whether you are traveling with friends or a spouse, this adults-only hotel will be a great resting place. It is located in Napa along the Silverado Trail and on the Napa River’s grassy banks. The rooms are beautiful and boast stylish furnishings in cream and chocolate colors that create a sense of luxury and warmth. This ideal setting additionally has a manicured riverside garden and spa treatments.

3. Sea View Inn:

You will find this charming bed and breakfast in Carmel Town. The rooms are quaint and feature a mixture of massive bay windows, wooden floors, antique furnishings, ocean views, and cozy canopied beds. This hotel is ideal for exploring this unspoiled part of California.


Traveling by car can be fun since you can spontaneously visit places that are not on the plan. If you are traveling to California by car, driving down crooked streets can offer you a great experience. Soaking up the sun on the beautiful beaches would also be a highlight. Lastly, nothing beats the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, and you will remember that for the rest of your life.