Despite the recent crash in airfare and hotel prices, many travelers find themselves spending many months trying to clear their credit card debt simply because they didn’t budget well. Planning your ideal dream trip doesn’t have to expensive. With the following tips, we show you how you can enjoy your trip without compromising your safety or spending too much money.

1. Decide Where You Want To Go

To accurately plan a cost-effective trip, you need first to decide where you’d like to travel. It can take as little as a few days to weeks or months to decide. Essentially, the more time you spend making a decision, the better because it allows you to cover the following crucial bases:

  • You get to gauge how much you’ll be spending on transport accurately.
  • Gives you time to research on the cost of living
  • Excellent hotels and accommodation to fit your budget
  • It allows you to secure cheaper flights in advance.

More so, the country that you wish to visit can tremendously affect your budget. For example, popular touristic destinations like Italy or France will cost you more than going to less popular hotspots.

2. Take the Opportunity to Travel with Low-Cost Flights

Low-cost flights are a great way of saving a few bucks. We all know how expensive flight tickets can be. In 2018/19, American Airlines generated revenue of roughly $40.6 billion, while $20.9 billion came from domestic flights. Aim to book your flight months in advance. It can drastically reduce the amount spent on flight tickets. More so, consider longer flights with more stopovers. Direct flights are straightforward and get you to where you’re going with ease but they can tend to be pricier.

For example, if you’re going to Rome, it’s cheaper to make a layover in London. Utilize Google to search for cost-effect flights as opposed to airline branches. Also, due to COVID-19, many airline operators are offering discounts and budget deals. Despite safety concerns, these airlines practice safe hygiene and carry out effective measures to safeguard their customers.

3. Tend to Your Own Cooking

Eating in restaurants, fancy pubs, or even fast food joints is the quickest way to drain your wallet. Many budget travelers and globetrotters know that the number one key to saving money on a trip is to cook for yourself. Besides, if you are with a group, you can split the costs evenly. Plus, finding a place that has a kitchen that is not a motel is easier than ever. For example, some services offer great deals for comfortable accommodations. Looking online, search for things like ‘downtown Seattle luxury apartments’ or ‘NYC-Soho apartments’ to find short term rentals and deals on places that will allow you to experience the city like a local. 

Sometimes, you may find that local food is too spicy, mild, or bland. More so, taking a stroll down the neighborhood food markets is an excellent way of familiarizing with the area while cutting costs on transport and food.

4. Opt For Discount Hotels

Budget hotels and Airbnb’s are a great way to save up on cash. If you’ve not already enlisted with an agency and you’re organizing your trip yourself, then these options are ideal for you. Nowadays, most Airbnb’s are quite cozy, secure, and well maintained. It is much easier economical than spending $100 or more a night on accommodation. As counterintuitive as it may sound, you can look towards luxury hotels. Many luxury hotels offer discounts and packages to cope with low seasons when business activity is minimal. Avoid room services and extra amenities if you’re interested in saving money.

5. Travel Agencies

Travel agencies can offer sublime packages and deals, especially to new clients or long time ones. Usually, these agencies tend to all your needs, such as transportation, accommodation, flights, and activities like on ground tours. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful beach, the best Alaskan cruise line, or a guided tour through historic Europe, agencies offer a variety of packages. Tour packages, especially ones done during the low season, are reasonably cheaper. More so, if you’re traveling in a group, the price tends to drop as the cost can be distributed evenly. Aside from affordability, many travel agencies are not limited in their mode of transportation. They can range from buses, flights and cruise ships. 

In Summary

Enjoying the financial relief on your dream trip can be as simple as reducing the cost of unnecessary luxuries, souvenirs, and accommodation. With our tips, you too can enjoy your tour without blowing too much money and regretting it later.