Traveling in Amritsar

Traveling in Amritsar by train is easy as Amritsar rail connection are well developed. You can directly connect to Calcutta, Delhi, Varanasi, Bombay, Wagah and various other important sites in India. Some important trains are Shatabdi Express, Utkal Express and Shatabadi Express that you can find from Amritsar.

It is extremely convenient to travel in Amritsar because it has extensive road networks that connect it with Delhi, Ambala, Ferozepur, Chandigarh, Jammu and the like. Some road distance from the city of Amritsar are Delhi 435 kilometers, Jammu 216 Kilometers, Chandigarh 235 kilometers, Ferozepur 160 kilometers and Wagah is just 29 kilometers. Most cities in North India can easily be accessed from here. Both private and state buses go from here to all other state districts and outside state also. Transportation in and around city are rickshaws, cycle, city buses and taxis.

It is also well connected through air to various sites in India. Amritsar airport is 11 kilometer away from central place and called Raja Sansi International. You can also find direct flights from Amritsar to Delhi through Indian Air every Friday and Wednesday. Airlines such as Indian Airlines, Air India, Jet Airways and Singapore Airlines operate to international destination including London, Singapore, Toronto and Birmingham. Around 48 flights operate each week from Airport.

Shopping in Amritsar

For a shopaholic tourist shopping in Amritsar is one of the most delightful experience. State of Punjab is considered to be one of the richest traditions of handlooms and handicrafts.

  • Amritsar is popular for exquisite handicrafts such as phulkari or traditional embroidery, jewelry, lacquered woodwork and the like. These are articles, you must look when you have a plan for shopping in Amritsar
  • You can also go for Punjabi shoes which are really typical for the region
  • Handmade carpets, woolen garments, blankets and Patiala shalwar and traditional Indian garments along with Punjabi twist in design are great for who can afford shopping.
  • For jams, pickles and jellies lover there is a great variety here.
  • Don’t forget to buy a bottle of dry fruits when you are here, because dry fruits here are one of the best quality.

You can find various shopping hubs in Amritsar. Old city markets are best places to shop traditional Indian garments. However you can also find some trendy shopping centers with posh interiors in the city. Here you can find all the top brands with reasonable prices. Other markets in Amritsar are Guru Bazaar, Mochi Bazzar, Cooper Road, Shastri Market where you can find the world best shopping experience.

4 tips for first timers In India

Slow down

To get the best from your trip, focus on fewer places instead of to see many places. Seeing one site slowly is more rewarding as compared to see loads of places, but not giving time to enjoy them completely. Spend few days in a single place so you will be less stressed, have more time to get aware to the people there and gain deeper understanding of that place

Escape the crowds

With more then billion of people, most if not all the part of India are crowded. Bustle and Mayhem is fun, especially if there is some festivity in the town, however it is easy to reach saturation. Luckily, there are ample of quiet retreats in India, therefore plan a relaxing escapes through your journey. Keep your batteries charged, spend few days or weeks even in a same city, followed by some days or weeks in a small town or country side. For inner peace, go to south to backwaters and Kerala for beaches, or northern captivating hill stations and Tibetan valley of Himalaya in Sikkim, Ladakh, and Himachal Pradesh.

Try To Stay healthy

No one likes to be ill, so avoid dodgy tum like avoid tap water and clear all food which may have been washed in it. Avoid ice cream, ice, fruits and salads that are already peeled off. Acclimatize your stomach for few days before you launch into street food feast and perform a mental assessment before buying street food. Are food cooked freshly or its prepared a day long. Check if the stall is not attracting flies but customers.

It’s not bad idea to become vegan because dodgy bit of meat can harm a lot. Additionally as Indians are mostly vegetarian so you can get plenty of veggie deals to eat. However avoid raw salads and fruit cocktails because they might cause you food poison. Limit yourself to certain restaurants and stalls to make sure you know what you are ingesting.

Keep Your Wit About You! Beware of Scams and Touts

Along with beauty and wonder, India is also known for scams and touts. Try ways to reduce chances of being cheated and overcharges, however you may encounter few scammers on the trip, therefor better keep your wits within and select deals that sounds too good to be real. Beware of rickshaw and taxi drivers who persuade you to pick specific shops, hotels and travel agencies, because their commission will be added on your bill.