As you age, it’s completely normal to need a few tweaks and updates to your look. This is mainly because life, the aging process, and stress can take their toll on your body. Whether it’s fluctuating hormones or a debilitating illness, there will be times where you experience circumstances that can impact the way you look. However, it’s always nice to look in the mirror and love what you see. Plus, it can also make you feel better. In order to look and feel your best, consider some of the following tips to experience a total makeover.

1. Improve the Quality of Your Rest

Rest is essential to optimal health. If you’re not getting enough rest, it’ll show on multiple levels. Your energy levels will be down. You’ll look depleted and fatigued. You’ll develop under-eye bags, fine lines, and wrinkles. Don’t just focus on the hours of sleep you’re getting. Improve the quality of sleep you’re getting by taking sleep supplements, developing a nighttime routine, and learning how to truly unwind.

2. Exercise Daily

Daily exercise can help you with flexibility, mobility, and much more. If you would like to maintain a healthy weight, it’s always great to get a heart-pumping cardio session each day. Weight training can help you tone and build muscles. As you exercise regularly, it’ll also help you maintain a sense of youth and vitality. Try to maintain a well-rounded routine by incorporating stretches, yoga, and pilates to help you maintain flexibility. If you’re focused on weight training all the time, you could easily develop stiff ligaments and joints because you’re not stretching. Exercise can also make you feel better because when you work out, your body releases endorphins. Endorphins are considered the feel-good hormones. If you want to develop a routine where you feel good, it’s great to find different ways to release endorphins. By exercising, you can make sure that happens on a daily basis.

3. Get a New Hairdo

A new hairdo can do wonders for your overall look. The right haircut can frame your face well. The right hair color can make your other features shine even brighter. If you have a lot of grey hairs you’d like to conceal, consider finding a great hair colorist who can do an immaculate job for you. If you’ve been losing hair, begin the process of using different products to stimulate hair growth. You can use products like supplements and hair tools in order to begin the process. Tools like heating bonnets and laser hair caps can be beneficial in stimulating hair growth and moisturizing the hair you have. Recognize that a good haircut and hair color will require maintenance. Knowing this, do your best to find a style that you can practically maintain. Whether you make sure you’re in the salon chair every month or you maintain a specific regimen at home, keep your hairstyle realistic for your lifestyle.

4. Curate a Better Wardrobe

Take time to build a better wardrobe. Consider the colors that look good with your skin tone. Know your measurements so that you can get your clothes tailored. Invest in pieces that flatter your shape. As you build a better wardrobe, it’s much easier to look effortlessly chic on a daily basis. This also includes the undergarments you wear. Make sure your undergarments are well-fitting and supportive. Resist the urge to throw everything out of your closet in order to start from scratch. Instead, purchase a few items at a time. Pay attention to how you feel in different pieces. It’s even wise to create a vision board or a Pinterest board that’s filled with looks you’d like to recreate. As you build your overall look, you’ll be able to see what looks best on you. If you have no idea what you’re doing in this area, it’s okay to hire a personal stylist to give you a consultation.

It’s often stated that when you look good, you’ll feel better. If you put these tips into your consistent regimen, it’s a lot easier to keep your look updated, fresh and stylish. Plus, when you look good, this impacts your level of confidence. When you feel confident, it’s much easier to walk into a room with your head held high. If there’s any indication that a total makeover has gone well, it’s a high, healthy amount of self-confidence.


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