You know you’re adulting when you come home and see a pair of fresh new bedsheets. Snuggling up in clean, pleasant smelling and fresh sheets is happiness in itself. We often overlook the importance of clean bedsheets.

When you sleep on your bed for 6-8 hours, you tend to leave behind body oils, sweat and dead skin cells which makes your sheets dirty. Hence it is vital to wash sheets once a week at least.

We might wonder how difficult it can be to wash a pair of sheets. But if you do it wrong, then you could end up with faded and worn out sheets in a very short span of the bed sheet. Here are some tips on how to wash your bed sheets in a washing machine.

Before Washing Sheets

  1. Before washing your bed sheets, make sure you check the care label. If there are any special requirements for your sheets, then follow it well.
  2. Also, check how much load can your washing machine handle. Sheets need a lot of space to get cleaned. Hence, don’t jam up too many sheets in one wash.
  3. If you’re washing anything together with the sheets, then make sure of the colours. You don’t want your bed sheets colours to change or blend with other materials. You can wash sheets and pillowcases of the same set in one wash.

Washing the Sheets

  1. Water temperature is one of the most critical elements while washing bed sheets. The hotter the temperature, the better. Hot water helps kill germs and also takes care of dust mites that might be thriving in your sheets.
  2. If your bedsheets are in dark colours like blue or red, then use cold water to rinse. This will save your sheet from fading and wearing off.
  3. Egyptian cotton sheets or cotton sheets, in general, can bear hot temperatures but blends such as polyester are best washed with warm water.
  4. You can use either liquid detergents or powder detergents. If your sheets have stains on them, it’s preferable to use a stain remover first and then wash them.

Drying Bed Sheets

  1. While drying the sheets, it is best to hang them on the clothesline where they can receive ample amounts of sunlight. Sunshine is a natural disinfectant and helps remove dust mites or germs. It can also help in brightening the white sheets.
  2. Once dried, it is vital to store them in a cool and dry place. Sunlight is excellent for drying but if you want to keep your sheets fresh and far from fading then keep the freshly laundered sheets in a cool and dry place.
  3. You can also iron your bed linens as this will kill all possible left germs and also give your sheet a wrinkle-free, sophisticated look.
  4. To help keep matching sets together, you can also fold the flat sheets to fit them in the pillow covers.

It is preferable to keep three-four sets of bed sheets for each bed. This way, you can wash each once a week.

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