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Top Trending Interior Paint Colors : Life And Experiences

If you are looking for a simple, clean and effective way to give your home a makeover look no further than wall paint. These modest and unassuming wall paints can lend freshness to your home.

If you have done your research on paint, you would have come across the name Pantone. Globally, it is recognized as the penultimate authority as far as trending colors go.

In 2021, along with Pantone’s two landmark colors, natural hues and pastels are making a strong comeback. In this article, we speak to leading Residential interior designers in Atlanta and ask them to share the top trending interior paint colors for 2021.

How Paint Colors Can Make A Big Impact On The Way A Room Feels:

Ever been in a room and felt it appear bigger than its actual square footage? Do you know why this happens?

Experts say that wall paint affects how we start to visualize a space. Cleaner colors like off-whites and natural hues make space look bigger and more comforting. It also aids in reflecting the natural lighting coming in through the windows.

Likewise, more ‘pop’ colors impart a certain element of playfulness and excitement to an interior space. There are moments when you walk into a room and get a positive vibe. This happens because science shows that colors have a way to affect our mood changes.

This is why leading interior designers say that doing something as simple as changing the wall paint can go a long way in transforming the personality of your interior space.

List Of The Top Trending Interior Paint Colors In 2021-

1. Ultimate Grey:

Steely, mature, and sophisticated. Pantone’s first shade is grey. This color has the effect of having a calming influence and demonstrates maturity, resolve, and seriousness. In many ways, this is a color scheme that can be best for bedrooms and bathroom spaces. Living areas and the kitchen should be teamed up with brighter colors.

2. Sunshine Yellow:

Apart from looking great on supercars like Ferrari and Lamborghini, sunshine yellow is a great color to bring hope, hope, and excitement to your interiors. Pantone’s second color of the year is sunshine yellow. If you want to experiment, you can team up this bright shade of yellow with the grey options and create striking contrasts to your spaces.

3. Brave Ground:

A warm, earthy and comforting color tone that has been voted by the experts at paint company Dulux to be the color of choice in 2021. Experts opine that this shade exhibits a sense of potential, like the shade of earth where all things grow from animals to plants. This is a great color to have for your living area and dining area. It is subtle and sophisticated, to say the least.

4. Aegean Teal:

Warm, welcoming, and comforting. These three words perfectly describe what the color Aegean Teal is all about. It is a shade of blue that has become the preferred option for interior designers when it comes to designing kitchen cabinets and other storage areas of the home. The best part is that Aegean Teal complements a lot of other different colors.

5. Heritage Olive:

Designers suggest that heritage colors like muted shades of olive and lavender are trending in homes that are looking for a more traditional look. Olive has historically been one color that has always seemed to fascinate homeowners. Again, like Brave Ground, it is a color of nature and looks great when layered with other colors. Throw in some antique furniture and you know what we are talking about.

The Bottom Line:

Apart from the above list of top trending interior paint colors accents in bronze are trending. This is being used by some leading designers as a subtle form of borders, that is not loud, but sophisticated and classy. It is important to pick a color that appeals to your home and reflects your personality.



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