Chennai, the capital of the beautiful state of Tamil Nadu, presents a remarkable mix of traditionalism and advancement. It is viewed as the social center point of South India and the Detroit of India. It is a perfect place for holidaying and is home to a plethora of tourist attractions.

Antiquated temples, long conventions of music, dance and art, and age-old traditions make it the prominent spot in the southern part of the country to comprehend the provincial culture. Innovation, then again, is reflected in the city being a noteworthy IT center in the nation and the choicest city for the hub of assembling the different parts of vehicles by the top automobile companies in the country. The tall high rises and contemporary structures will persuade you regarding the same. There is plenty of information on how to reach Chennai, Delhi to Chennai flights schedule, hotels in Chennai, etc.

The fourth most crowded metropolitan territory in India, Chennai is just the third, after Mumbai and Delhi, in the quantity of expatriates in the nation. Unquestionably the most looked for after city in South India, it has been positioned as the main city to spend a wonderful holiday. What makes Chennai an astounding city is the way that it is home to some profoundly obvious civilities and attractions. Lodgings, bars, clubs, shopping centers, and eateries guarantee that you have an incredible time in the city for whatever length of time that you wish to stay here.

Other than being home to most regular tourist attractions, the city of Chennai is additionally noted for being home to a couple of historic points having worldwide acclaim and notoriety. These are really the most essential things that put Chennai on global travel map. Explorers can search out additional data from enlisted travel operators. Make utilization of the web as well as tour operators offering excellent facilities and services for one to fly to an extraordinary destination in India and spending a wonderful vacation in Chennai. Given below are top things that put Chennai on universal travel map.

Marina Beach:

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A characteristic shoreline along the Bay of Bengal, Marina Beach runs more than 8 miles in terms of total stretch, making it the second longest urban shoreline on the planet. Relatively few individuals setting out to Chennai hopes to see here one of the world’s longest shorelines. In spite of the fact that a decent shoreline to spend snippets of relaxation, you can’t go swimming or bathing due to high undercurrents.

San Thome Basilica:

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No, it is not the design that this congregation is well known for. The Portuguese constructed it in the sixteenth century, over the tomb of St. Thomas, who is believed to be one of the twelve apostles of Lord Jesus. This is again the exact opposite thing you may have anticipated that would find in India! As indicated by local people, St Thomas landed in Kerala from Judea, and was martyred in 72 AD on Saint Thomas Mount, which now falls in Chennai.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park:

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The wild animals of India have dependably been an oddity for outsiders. Kids and in addition grown-ups have a great time seeing colorful natural life, for example, tigers, elephants, and crocodiles. The Arignar Anna Zoological Park is the nation’s biggest and oldest zoo, guaranteeing that you see all you fantasy about. Needless to say, it is one of the best places to visit in Chennai city. It houses around 1,500 wild species that incorporate 47 types of mammals, 31 reptile kinds, 63 bird species and numerous others.