Every year a large number of people die at home due to injuries that would have could have been easily avoided. These injuries/deaths are caused due to lack of care and mere negligence of the people living in the homes.

So if you are worried about you or your family’s safety, then you must read on. This article provides a variety of Information about various types of accidents that can occur at your home and what measures can you take to prevent those mishappenings.

Electrical Issues

Avoid Overloading the Sockets – You must not overburden any individual socket by plugging in more than two sockets in it at a time. This might result in an overload which could lead to a short circuit. Keep in mind is that large appliances should have an outlet for themselves. You must avoid this be getting more power plugs installed in your home.

Stop Using Faulty Cords – If you notice that any of your electrical appliances have a cord that is damaged by some part or is frayed, you must immediately stop the use of that appliance. Continued use can lead to a dangerous situation of someone receiving an electrical shock. You can even damage the appliance if you continue using it in such conditions.

Get Wiring Checked – It is an excellent idea to get your house wiring checked periodically from an electrician. Your wires can deteriorate in quality over time and can lead to dangerous outcomes. So getting an inspection done by a licensed electrician will reduce the chances of an electrical accident at your home.

Kitchen Issues

Keep an Eye on the Stove – At any time, you must make sure that any pot or pan on your stove, must not be left unattended. Also do always check that you have switched the flame off after you are done using the stove. If you have small children in your home then taking care of this point becomes even more imperative.

Keep Sharp Objects Safe – Knives, skewers or any sharp object must be handled with care. They should be stored in a knife holder, when not in use. Keep a first aid kit in your kitchen just in case you cut yourself by a sharp object.

Be Careful While Handling Hot Stuff – Burns are very common in kitchen, and they are just caused because of negligible usage. It is thus advised to have plans with handles that do not get hot. Wear gloves before using the oven if you do not wish to burn your hand.

Accidents in the Bathroom

Keep Floor Dry – If you want to avoid a nasty fall and do not wish put yourself in a chance of breaking your bones, then it is advised to keep your bathroom floor dry at all times. Residual water can easily cause slipperiness on the floor which can ultimately lead to a slip.

Use Anti-slip Mats – You can keep your bathroom floor dry, but you can still slip while you are taking a shower! To avoid this, you can install anti-slip mats or wet pour rubber on the floor surface of your shower area. This will help you make a strong grip and prevent slips.


Store Cleaning Supplies Properly – Lastly, you must properly store your cleaning supplies as they are basically chemicals and can be hazardous if they are ingested by small children under any circumstance.

So if you keep these tips in mind and correctly implement them in your home, you can surely guarantee a safer house for you and your family.