Is there anything more exciting than going on a summer holiday? But before you can stretch out on that sun lounger and relax, first you need to get there. And that means packing your suitcase, getting through security without paying any excess baggage charges and flying off into the blue!

We know that packing light is easier said than done. Which is why we’ve gathered these top tips to help you pack lightly for your summer holidays:

Choose Your Travel Outfit Wisely

Whilst we’re not suggesting you should be uncomfortable at the airport, pro packers wear their bulkiest items so that they aren’t adding extra weight to their suitcase. The means popping on your wedges rather than flip-flops, and wearing your longer and heavier wig so that your lightest wigs can go in your suitcase (look here to find a fantastic selection of wigs).

Don’t forget that the weather in the rest of the world can be just as unpredictable as the weather her in the UK, so wear a light jacket or a sweatshirt on the plane and you will have something to wear on cooler evenings when you reach your destination. After all, the airline will weigh your baggage, but they won’t weigh you!

Roll, Don’t Fold

When packing your clothes into your suitcase roll them, don’t fold them. Not only do folded clothes take up more space, they’re also more prone to becoming creased in your suitcase. If you roll your clothes you can shake them out and hang them as soon as you arrive at your destination, and they’ll look as good as new! When rolling, don’t forget to take advantage of any unused spaced: fill your handbags with small items, for example, or roll your socks and underwear and place them inside your shows. Suitcase real estate is precious, so don’t waste any of it!

Don’t Pack Anything You Can Buy When You Get There

Basic toiletries, such as shampoo and shower gel, can be incredibly heavy to pack but they aren’t expensive to buy. If you’re short on space in your suitcase then leave these items at home and just buy them when you get there. Similarly, don’t waste space packing bulky items such as towels or your hairdryer if these will be provided by your hotel: most hotels will provide these basic items, but if you have any doubts then it’s easy to find out on their website or from your travel agent.

Finally, if you love to shop when you’re on holiday (and who doesn’t!) then why not choose an item or two to leave at home and replace when you arrive in resort? Beach dresses, sarongs, and leather sandals tend to be cheap and plentiful in most European beach resorts.

Cut, Cut, Cut

We’re all guilty of overpacking when we travel but, if you’re going on a beach holiday then you simply don’t need to take much stuff! After all, you’ll probably spend most of your days wearing nothing but swimwear anyway. Lay out everything that you think you would like to take with you, and then aim to remove a third of this. Pack at least two swim suits (so you have a fresh one to wear whilst your wet one is drying), a lose kaftan, sarong or beach cover up, and two lightweight dresses that you could wear both day and night. If you have these basics in your armoury, then you really don’t need much else! Be ruthless: you’ll be amazed by quite how little you really need.

Choose Wisely

We all want to look fabulous in our holiday snaps, and this can lead to a serious case of overpacking. If you’re struggling to decide which pieces to take (and don’t want to wear the same outfit twice) then consider cutting the bottoms and keeping the tops.  No one will notice if you’re wearing a same bottoms, because items such as jeans, leggings and denim cut offs all look so similar. Wear your jeans to travel in (as they are the heaviest and bulkiest piece) and then pack just one pair of shorts and one pair of leggings. When you’re mixing up your tops and your accessories every day, no one will ever notice that you’re wearing the same shorts!

Finally, although you love all of those heels, don’t be tempted to bring more than one pair. They’re heavy, they take up a lot of suitcase space, and you’ll only be wearing them for a couple of hours in the evening. Pick one versatile pair of heels that will go with everything, and get ready to dance the night away. Remember that if an outfit won’t look great with your favourite heels then it’s not worth packing!