Pests need to locate water, a source of food and somewhere to shelter from the weather. These are the same qualities you look for in a house!

Unwittingly you can be providing many pests with the perfect place to live. By the time you know you have an issue it has become a big problem to sort out!

The fact is you’re not alone. Millions of people will face a pest problem this year; you simply need to discover how to minimize your risk.

Here are some tips to keep the pests away :

Inspect Your Home

You go in and out of your home through a door. Pests are looking for the same thing; only their door can be much smaller.

You need to look round the exterior of your home at least twice a year. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for then a specialist firm can assist you.

The aim of your inspection is to find any cracks or other damage which a pest could squeeze through and get into your home.

Once you’ve located them you need to get the issue repaired immediately.


A pest needs a source of food to survive; your crumbs can feed them for weeks! To reduce the attraction to pests it is important to keep your home clean.

All open food packets should be sealed inside plastic containers and stored in your cupboards. The work surfaces and all plates, etc. should be washed down. This will prevent the pests from having easy access to food.

You also need to vacuum the floor and seal your rubbish sacks when removing them from your home. Ideally keep them a good distance from your house.


The more clutter you have in your home the easier it is for pests to find a spot to hide.  You should sort through your belongings. Anything that needs to be kept should be put inside a plastic tub. This will protect it and make it easier for you to spot any pests.

It can be challenging clearing items you have had for a long time. You may prefer to contact an expert for some advice regarding where pests are most likely to hide.


Pests need moisture to survive. The first thing you need to do is make sure there are no standing sources of water available for them.

You should also look at the moisture levels on the inside of your windows and anywhere else in your home which is prone to being dark, moist and very attractive to pests.

If necessary a dehumidifier can remove most of this moisture making the house a far less attractive option to these pests.


If you keep firewood then this can be very attractive to a huge range of pests. Make sure this is kept a good distance from your home. The pests can then make their homes in your firewood and not in your house; this is definitely preferably!

Don’t forget, a cat is great at catching some of the bigger pests or at least alerting you to their presence. The minute you realize you have an issue with pests you need to start dealing with it.