Bonding with Your Baby

Building a bond is crucial during the first part of their life, and maintaining your relationship after is a lifelong process. Bonding with your baby happens whenever they are around you; they learn the way you smell, how you talk, and how you treat them.


Taking your baby with you also helps build up your bond with them, so it reasons that you would want them with you even when you exercise. Running with your baby will give you both a healthy outlook and give you the motivation to continue your workout.

Getting Back into Shape

Getting back into shape is what we as mothers look forward to as soon as we get the okay to do so and the ability to bring our baby with us. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone your body, or develop a healthy activity, running with your baby is a fun way to reach your goal!

What you should Use

If you are anything like me, you have more than one child. If you do not just use a regular jogger stroller, but if you do have two kids you are bringing with you, you need a double jogging stroller.

You need to invest in the best double jogging stroller that meets your family needs. Make sure you make a list of criteria you want in your stroller. I made sure to invest in a stroller that would last at least three years, could fit two kids comfortable, and had trays to keep the kids occupied with toys and drinks.

Whatever you decide to invest in, make sure it is safe and secure for your precious passengers.


What You Should Bring Along

While running might be fun for you, your baby might not find it so thrilling. Ideally, you should bring beverages (if you are breastfeeding or stopping breastfeeding cold turkey, you can always pump ahead or stop at a bench to feed your baby if needed), toys, and snacks.

If you plan to run for a while, then you may want to bring diapers, wipes, a plastic bag for diaper waste, a blanket, and maybe a change of clothes (just in case).

Where to Go

There are many places where you can jog at, safely with your baby. If you cannot go very far, you can try just jogging around your neighborhood, that is where I first started.

After I was in the swing of things, I looked at nearby parks that would be nicer to view while I was running. I liked the idea of seeing something different every time I ran because I get bored of the same old sites.

If you want to go off the beaten path, you can always find walking trails around your area. There are paths only for pedestrians so you would not have to worry about bikes or skateboards in the area. Your children might enjoy the change of scenery as well.

Quality Time with Your Baby

Your baby will only be this small once in their lifetime, so it is best to make the most of it. Spend quality time with your child in every activity you do. Hold them while you cook and read to them before they sleep, but also include them in the healthy life choices you make, such as running.

Running with your children will help them gain an understanding and knowledge of a healthy lifestyle and lay a foundation for them to follow in their future. By running with your child, you are creating more than a bond; you are creating a healthy lifestyle in a happy child.