Looking for the perfect streetwear gift for someone you know, but aren’t sure what they would appreciate the most? The world created by trendsetters changes each day, offering new and exciting avenues for anyone to express themselves in an urban environment. Nonetheless, some items are timeless and are staples among the best outfits today.

Find out what the trendiest, best-selling, industry-famous, hypebeast merch exactly is today! With any of the items on this list, you can be confident your surprise will be received with awe and adoration as your gift is guaranteed to be on point. Show your appreciation for your streetwear aficionados by getting them what their heart desires the most.

Louis Vuitton Sweatshirt

Right off the bat, this sweatshirt comes in many different styles, but they all follow a theme, including the world-famous Supreme x Louis Vuitton hoodie. All clothing products from Louis Vuitton are famous for their low-key luxurious design, by sporting intricate patterns alongside the famed trademark. The distinction between regular sweatshirts and ones coming from LV is subtle for an untrained eye. Still, streetwear experts will recognize it on the spot. The patterns, the unique design and modern-chic appeal, is irresistible for anyone that recognizes it for what it’s worth. The best part is that despite them being sweatshirts, their elegant style goes well for most occasions, even ones where a sweatshirt would usually be frowned upon.

Off-White Hoodie

Next up in the list is something different – new, daring and exciting, Off-White has been a streetwear staple since its founding. These clothes were initially aimed at rugged skaters, so the brutalist, robust design hasn’t changed much over the years – which is, of course, part of why they’re so loved. On practically any hoodie, you’ll see the trademark cross or stripes, which serves to identify the brand uniquely. The Off-White fakes feature some of the best quality imprints around. The design alone is well respected by skaters to this day and is still considered hip urban clothing. The company’s well known for making influential, durable clothing that’s also pleasant to wear – making these hoodies perfect for practically any weather.

Supreme Headband

Starting the supreme hype train is the famous headband. Much like Nike or Puma, Supreme has come out with its headband, and it is lit. If your particular streetwear lover does sport or likes to be active and wants to rep that, there’s no going wrong with choosing the headband. Unlike other items off the list, it accessorizes uniquely – it helps give the hair a particular shape and keep it out of the eyes, changing the way someone’s face looks. It’s the perfect cheap Supreme solution for a fashion-aware athlete or someone who already has a pre-established style.

Supreme Hoodie

The second item on the list is the famous supreme hoodie. Whether it’s the legendary Supreme x LV collab, or the classic white text in a red rectangle – Supreme is well known. As in, even non-streetwear-aware people know about it – it’s massive. That makes the hoodie from Supreme a staple for anyone that wants recognition for their fashion efforts even outside hypebeast culture. The hoodies used to come in a minimal number, to the point where people would stay up in lines for days and then resell them for enormous profits. Nowadays, though, you can get a perfect Supreme hoodie replica for a fraction of the cost.

Supreme Shoulder Bag

To complete any look, and also be usable – the Supreme shoulder bag was designed. After all, why would you limit your fashion just to your clothes? This side-bag Supreme replica can perfectly fit inside it anything you’d need for your daily short trips, while still looking as stylish as ever. The design will never go out of fashion, and the brand name is practically immortalized in the public consciousness, so this will never be a wrong choice. It can be combined with any outfit to increase its appeal by a wide margin. Comes in a variety of colors too so that you can customize further to the recipient’s delight.