India is a country of rich heritage and unique cultural backgrounds. It is the magic of India that brings thousands of tourists to this beautiful place every year. Over the period India has also emerged as the most popular honeymoon destination. Here is your chance to choose amongst the top four honeymoon destinations in India that can make your honeymoon the most memorable indeed.

Kashmir (North)

Crowned aesthetically on the top of India’s geographical location is the magical land of utmost picturesque beauty – Kashmir. Spend the most precious moments of your life with your partner at this land of romanticism, love and compassion. Kashmir has everything that can captivate your mind. Admire the beautiful valleys surrounded by snow-capped mountains, take a leisurely walk in the lush green meadows, sit by the corners of frothy lakes, take a religious Kashmir honeymoon tour to the popular shrines or just relax in your cozy hotel rooms, Kashmir has everything that can capture your mind.


Sikkim (East)

Towards the north-eastern side of India, Sikkim greets you with its third highest peak in the world, the Mount Kanchenjunga. Known as the ‘land-locked’ state of India, Sikkim is a delight to eyes, mind and soul. The charm of Sikkim allures tourists from all over the world. Around 150 lakes, 4000 species of flowering plants and 600 species of butterflies are some of the key attractions of this magnetic land. The captivating picturesque beauty of the Himalayas will take you to another world in Sikkim. Gift your partner an experience of a lifetime by arranging a honeymoon package to Sikkim. You will be glad for sure!


Goa (West)

If you are looking for some adventure and thrill on your honeymoon, rush to Goa, an ideal destination to fulfill your wishes. Situated near the western region of India, Goa is the perhaps one of the most frequently visited places in India. Its charm is popular amongst Indians as well as foreigners. Exotic beaches, long coastlines, adventurous water sports, cozy environs, what else could one ask for? While the days are bright and sunny, the nights become equally happening in Goa. Get lost in long romantic conversations with your partner on the calm and serene beaches of Goa or test his/her dare by taking an adventure ride, choices are many. Spend some time in Goa and you will realize that this place indeed is meant for lovebirds.

Kerala (South)

Towards the south in India, you will find Kerala offering unique geographical features. Be it the tranquility of the serene beaches or the relaxing sound of beautiful waterfalls, the magnificence of Kerala has always attracted honeymoon couples in India. Though climate remains moderate throughout the year; the best time to visit Kerala is known to be the monsoon period, during which its charisma just doubles up. You can either get lazy on the beaches and admire the blue water or take a historic ride through various temples and monuments, the options are many to make your honeymoon an unforgettable experience. And yes, do not forget to take that luxurious relaxing Ayurvedic massage as Kerala is known worldwide for its Ayurvedic treatment.

Hope you must have decided upon a perfect destination for your honeymoon.

So till next update, Happy Traveling!